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California Is Impoverishing Its Low-Income Residents With Electricity Prices By ROBERT BRYCE Last week, Californians got a rare bit of good news on the energy front: Gov. Gavin Newsom said he would work to prevent the closure of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the state’s last nuclear power plant. Yet regardless of what happens with Diablo Canyon, electricity prices in California are going even […]

EU officials trained to meditate to fight ‘climate crisis’ – Try ‘deep listening’ & ‘inner transitions’ – Practice ‘applied mindfulness’ to overcome climate ‘despair’ By Robert Booth Brussels officials are being trained to meditate to help them tackle the climate crisis as part of a new wave of “applied mindfulness” that seeks to take the Buddhism-inspired practice “off the cushion” and into hard politics. EU officials working on the 27-country bloc’s green deal climate policy are attending “inner green deal” […]