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Game-Changing New Book: ‘The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, & Climate Change’ Coming Soon – By Dr. Jerome Corsi

Climate Depot  is pleased to announce the scheduled publication on June 28, 2022, of Jerome Corsi’s new book: The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change: Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation.

“I decided to dedicate this book to Marc Morano and his website because of Marc’s outstanding job fighting the radical Left’s global warming and climate change agendas,” Corsi told Climate Depot. “Marc Morano and are the established ‘go-to’ sources for energy and climate truth.”

Corsi’s 396-page book is a game-changer the radical environmental Left will not be able to ignore. In this book, Corsi displays a deep understanding of energy and climate science, the mathematics of weather, and the politics of the proposed Green New Deal. 

In the “Foreword” that I wrote to The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change, I wrote that this book is Corsi’s “career tour de force in which he masterfully tackles the alleged climate ‘crisis’ and the folly of green energy ‘solutions.’”

To get an idea of the power of Corsi’s analysis, just take a look at the pre-publication reviews that top physicists, climate scientists, and meteorologists have written:

  • “Corsi’s new book is a trove of information, especially about the people and motives that have driven the current climate frenzy. The discussion of climate science, especially the dominant role of the sun and clouds, is very good. There are also fascinating discussions of unfashionable and perhaps incorrect scientific theories like abiogenic hydrocarbons or alternatives to plate tectonics. These help to clarify the all-too-human nature of science, and how hard it is initially to distinguish between a paradigm shift and a mistake, like today’s alarm over ‘carbon pollution.’”
    • Dr. William Harper, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics, Princeton University; chair of the university research board, 1995–2005; winner of the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award in 2000
  • “Corsi, a bestselling author of books about mainstream political issues, proved to be a powerful enough mind to brilliantly deconstruct a seemingly scientific topic, the fight against climate change. He sees the fear as wildly exaggerated. Sunspots, cosmic rays, and oceans as more important for the climate than carbon dioxide. The book is not afraid of delicate scholarly topics such as chaos theory, the chemistry of Earth’s core, and the extinction of dinosaurs. But for Corsi, the movement is primarily a social phenomenon that arose through the integration and evolution of several left-wing factions and ideologies including Malthusians who neglect the human intellect. The tampering of the data by the favored researchers, failed green economic policies, limitations of electric cars and other hyped technologies, as well as natural processes such as the carbon cycle are described in a way that is as detailed and sourced as it is devastating. Corsi’s decision to dedicate the book to Marc Morano also proves his profound understanding of this vitally important ongoing conversation.”

Dr. Luboš Motl, physicist, former faculty at Harvard University

  • “Corsi provides an eye-opening history of the contextual background for the hysteria accompanying climate change as well as descriptions of a wide range of thinking about the history of the planet—thinking that illustrates both the insights and fallibility of the scientific enterprise.”
    • Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, professor emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; former Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • “Corsi’s book is a must-read to discover just how unserious, inept, and over-certain proponents of global warming of doom are. Their ‘solutions,’ like battery-powered airplanes, ranging from comical to scandalous. None of them would do a thing to fix what doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Dr. William M. Briggs, climate statistician who served on the American Meteorological Society’s Probability and Statistics Committee

  • “Many books have been written on what I believe is a phony climate war. Dr. Corsi’s treatment of this situation with across-the-board irrefutable facts and impeccable sources is a primer on how to blow away any argument on this matter. His attack seems to be on two fronts: 1) showing there is no emergency and then 2) exposing the why behind the what on the matter, the evil intentions of destroying the freedom of the individual. With twenty-five books under his belt and a man known for standing his ground when the truth is on his line, there is no better source to have than this book. I do not believe there is a climate war (it’s nature and not man in control), but I do believe there is a battle raging using climate and weather to take down our way of life. I can think of no better source to have in the trenches than Dr. Corsi and his book. In fact, let’s flip that around: I hope I am worthy to just be around someone like this as his writings and actions are light in a world filled with the darkness of non-truths.”
    • Joe Bastardi, chief forecaster at WeatherBELL; author of The Climate Chronicles and The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War
  • “Corsi has achieved the almost impossible. He shows how partisan politics and incompetent climate science have combined to distort energy economics. He describes how different views about population, hydrocarbons, capitalism, and racism have complicated the use of truth in climate science and politics. He shows how nature, not our carbon dioxide, controls the Earth’s temperature. Corsi explains why we must think clearly in politics, science, and energy if we are to safeguard our economy, our freedom, and our lives.”

Dr. Ed Berry, physicist and American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist

  • “Corsi’s work is sorely needed, exposing the climate lies and disinformation in government, university, environmental and UN official reports, and the media. With a half-century of work on climate and weather attribution studies, I find as Jerome showed incontrovertible evidence that sunspots, cosmic rays, and short and longer term cycles in the oceans are far more important for the climate than carbon dioxide. The true dangers come from the remedies being pushed, not the natural cycles in weather and climate.”
    • Joseph D’Aleo, certified consultant meteorologist; first director of meteorology at the Weather Channel and the former chairman of the American Meteorological Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Dr. Corsi has changed history more than once, with more than 30 books since 2004. With his new book, The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change: Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation, he has given us a powerful tool to refute the Left’s massive disinformation campaign waged on energy and climate issues in their determination to destroy capitalism.

Dr. Corsi has already written two #1 New York Times bestselling books. Let’s make this The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change a third #1 bestseller the New York Times will have to acknowledge.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Corsi has agreed to write exclusive articles on energy, climate change, and global warming exclusively published on Climate Depot beginning this month.

Advanced pre-publication first printing copies of Dr. Corsi’s The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change is available online now at here, Barnes and Noble here, and Books-a-Million (BAM) here.

Dr. Corsi’s book The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change is Volume I of The Great Awakening Trilogy he is currently writing. Volume II The Truth about Neo-Marxism, Cultural Maoism, Identity Politics, and Critical Theory: Exposing New World Order Lies in an Age of Disinformation, is currently in draft form, scheduled for publication next year.