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Watch: Morano on Newsmax explains how climate activists are happy with high energy prices – ‘It conditions the American people to accept scarcity’

Marc Morano Appears on Newsmax TV’s ‘Wake Up America’ To Discuss Energy Prices – Broadcast May 1, 2022


Hi folks welcome back to wake up America weekend. I’m calling be the war in Ukraine is obviously now in the hands of Russia’s just rapidly made a worse and already growing energy crisis around the world. Even more bad food shortages are up, energy prices are up, hitting record highs and they are not expected to slow down anytime soon and a call.

>> Into the world bank’s the developments have started to raise. The speculation of stagflation here, discuss more is the founder of, Marc Morano.

. You happy to be here.z
>> To, the the report by the World Bank, the increase in energy prices in the past two years have been the largest since nineteen seventy three oil crisis when opec group of oil producing countries declared an embargo. What is your reaction to this.
>> Well, as the world bank announcing reality, acknowledging reality what’s happened here is. We are literally having a replay of the late nineteen seventies at this point or the nineteen seventies in general in two thousand and twenty plus America what’s happened. Is it’s the same type of forces where we are shutting we’re and.
>> Urging deprived, which creates then foreign policy crisis, and then we have weak leadership in many instances. Joe Biden presidency is a direct copy of Jimmy Carter’s, one term from that high energy prices to the high inflation to the lower economic growth to the foreign policy weakness. So I think the world bank is acknowledging it’s global phenomenon, first of all, Australian energy prices have doubled energy prices,  and in the U.K. energy prices are so high they’re now cutting back on teachers. Our school kids are being affected because they literally just can’t afford to keep the schools open with the energy prices and, of course, all of this is fueling Vladimir Putin, even more because as oil prices day well above one hundred dollars or at one hundred or more he’s funding potent war machine that we put would not have done this. If oil was forty dollars a barrel, he would not have had the money. So what do you make of the fact that President Biden s just released like a third of the strategic oil reserve in response to this? What with the problem with with Biden is done? Is it’s if you’re sitting on a safe.
>> Accountant your bank, instead of going out and making more money and camping your savings account intact, he’s reading the savings account and, though in the media actually is going along with they’re saying now. Bride is Biden. Is pro oil he’s embracing oil as he releases oil? Now it’s like saying, you’re, embracing making money by depleting and bankrupting your savings account.
>> What Biden needs to do, is, go out and make more energy, and he has the tools to years of the right before covert, lock downs. United States was energy, dominant, more energy exports and imports more energy production and consumption, largest oil, gas, producer, cheap energy field and economy low as black and Hispanic unemployed. That’s what Biden needs to do not read our strategic petroleum reserve, which is essentially going to solve nothing and just make us even weaker and more vulnerable in the future. You can see the headline below yeah, don’t you can, but everybody can see the headline bloated crude oil at one hundred and six bucks a barrel. There are predicting that it could go as high as one hundred and forty hundred and fifty.
>> The and and also there’s a lag when it goes to one hundred and fifty those refineries have like six to eight week on on site stockpile so you’re not gonna, see those prices for sixty eight more weeks. I think we’re going to see it go at the pump, but here’s the thought. You know why in the world, would he not would Joe Biden not restart open up these drilling leases start opening up these lands, give them long term options Keystone pipeline.
>> In, what world is it a good idea to do any of the things that he’s been doing well great question?

Morano: There is a world where it’s a fantastic idea to do with Joe Biden been doing in, that is the world of climate activism and climate ideology. Former President Obama, treasury official came out and said we like higher prices. It’s good for the climate agenda. President Obama’s own energy secretary, wanted European style price gas prices in the United States because it was good for their climate and energy agenda, which is saving the earth. So they are pushing this. They love this new normal, a four dollar plus or five dollar per price per gallon of gas conditions the American people to accept scarcity.

And there’s a whole movement calling to get rid of even more freedom of movement for America, limiting air travel, limiting car travel and private car ownership due to the alleged climate crisis.

So this is playing right into the hands of that climate agenda, which has been pushed for two decades and it’s true people like a see people like the United Nations, many professors and academia. They love this because they’ve been calling for high energy prices for decades in order to make Americans consume less and confront the ‘climate emergency.’

>> I always look mark. I always said it’s like look. Republicans may not be the solution to all your problems, but Democrats are probably the cause of most of them, so Marc Morano, we appreciate you being here. Thank you appreciate our folks trouble at the southern border. Getting worse as time is running out for title. Forty two, we have a live report. Next, to wake America weekend will be back real.