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Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News talks about failed climate tipping points going back to 1864

Jesse Watters Primetime – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 22, 2022



Judge Jeanine Pirro: Here now Marc Morano, author of the Green Fraud and Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida. Good to have you both here this evening.

Marc, you have a lot of information on this. The thing that struck me that I remembered from three years ago was apartment AOC saying 12 years now we have nine years. What is going to happen? Will you tell me what it is?

Morano: The end of civilization. Prince Charles had a 100-month climate tipping point. He counted down the 100 months and when he got to zero he issued a new tipping point to something like 2048. They extend the tipping point when it expires. I was able to trace the first climate tipping point, Judge, back to 1864 when Abraham Lincoln was president. An academic named Leo Marx warned of ‘climatic excess’ unless men changed their ways. This is deeply hard-wired within human beings that we have a sort of doomsday and that we have to be punished for our sins and it takes on a sort of religion. We have to do these rituals in order to save ourselves. The rituals, of course, are the Green New Deal, U.N. climate treaties, giving up our vehicles, cutting thermostats, not eating hamburgers — a long list of virtue signaling that even John Kerry admits would have no impact on zero-emissions even if the U.S. zeroed down to nothing. It’s nonsense, but now is a good time to review what’s going on on Earth Day.

Judge Jeanine: I never ever remembered what earth day meant. Congressman Donalds one of the things they keep talking about are these electric cars. The problem is we don’t have an electric vehicle infrastructure. You know, so, we want — we want to get rid of gas and fuel and shut down the Keystone pipeline and no more drilling on federal lands. New drilling anyway. How do we make this segue from gas to electric?
Rep. Donalds:
The segue that they want to take us down is incredibly expensive and something we simply can’t afford. You are right, there is no electric infrastructure. If you went and moved, let’s say the postal service to an all-electric postal service, I have asked them where are you going to get all the additional electricity you need on the grid to power the cars.

Judge Jeanine: thank you.

Rep. Donalds: What they will tell you is we have to burn more natural gas, we have to burn more oil. What are we doing? Don’t forget the facts that when you do electric vehicles, you need cobalt, lithium, rare earth mineral. China controls those minerals across the globe. Hunter Biden helped facilitate cobaltmine in Africa. Giving money to the Chinese for electric vehicles that we don’t have the energy for on our own electric grid.

> Judge Jeanine: And, Marc, as it relates to that idea of getting these electric cars, and then getting the lithium batteries from China, wasn’t Afghanistan involved in that, also? The lithium mines are in Afghanistan?

Morano: Yes. China wouldn’t meet with Joe Biden but they met with Afghanistan. China is now going to be mining the rare earth metals there. They’re mining them in Africa as the congressman said. It was children as young as 9 according to international rights organizations. Electric cars when you plug them in, you are plugging them into oil, coal, gas chiefly. The idea of the electric car being all green is nonsense. We are giving away American energy dominance we had just with President Trump for the first time since Harry Truman — giving all of that up for more reliance on China, Russia, OPEC, we are outsourcing our energy and we have the best environmental standards in the world. All we are doing is increasing real pollution in the world is when we outsource in order to meet the, quote, green agenda end quote.

> Judge Jeanine: Congressman Donalds I only have a few seconds left. What can Congress do effectively in this situation?

Rep. Donalds: What Congress needs to do is we need to actually bring back nuclear power in a major way in the United States that will get us zero-emission energy that is cheap, affordable and is reliable.

> Judge Jeanine: Okay. All right. Marc Morano and Congressman Byron Donalds thanks for being with us tonight.

>> Any time.