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Daily Caller features CFACT’s Morano in warmist climate documentary


The Daily Caller has premiered a new climate change documentary titled “The Conservative Climate Conundrum.” The film features Benji Backer, president of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), who according to the Daily Caller, “interviews both climate scientists and climate change deniers to understand what climate science actually says and why that matters for conservatives.”

One of the “deniers” the Daily Caller references is CFACT’s own Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, who sat down for an extensive interview with Backer. The film represents a pivot for the Daily Caller, which is traditionally considered a conservative-leaning website. It is surprising to see that the Daily Caller used the phrase “climate change deniers.” Even the AP no longer uses that insulting term. See here.

Backer has been featured on CNN and other media outlets for wanting to convince the Republican Party and conservatives to adopt a more alarmist view on climate change. He was also invited to testify before Congress beside Greta Thunberg on climate change where he thanked Greta for her activism.

CFACT posted excerpts from Morano’s interview with Backer for the documentary here to ensure both sides were presented.

You can learn more about the Daily Caller‘s documentary here.