Analysis: ‘Lockdown ideology remains a widespread global plague upon humanity’ – ‘The entire Public Health system is a force for destruction’ By Jordan Schachtel To the ruling class, human rights are an afterthought. Far from perceiving each other as adversaries, the Public Health cartel in the West and in China are more accurately defined as competitors in a friendly game of chess, and humanity are their pawns. As global leaders remain noticeably silent on the […]

Natural gas surges up 102% in U.S. to highest level since 2008 U.S. natural gas prices surged to the highest level in more than 13 years Monday as Russia’s war on Ukraine causes a global energy crunch, and as forecasts called for cooler spring temperatures. Futures jumped more than 6% to trade as high as $7.80 per million British thermal units, the highest since October 2008. The […]

BBC is accused of ‘supporting unlawful radical activism’ by asking eco-vigilantes to let them film tire deflating while ‘blurring faces and disguising their voices’   EXCLUSIVE: BBC found itself in hot water over Justin Rowlatt’s talks with activist The journalist allegedly told eco-thugs he would blur faces and disguise voices The move was branded ‘outrageous’ and raised ‘ethical questions’ of Corporation Tyre Extinguishers caused outrage by deflating tyres on SUVs across the country The BBC has been accused of using […]

2021 State of the Climate Report: Empirical observations show no sign of ‘climate crisis’ – ‘Snow cover stable, sea ice levels recovering, & no change in storm activity’ A systematic review of climate trends and observational data by an eminent climate scientist has found no evidence to support the claim of a climate crisis.   In his annual State of the Climate report, Ole Humlum, emeritus professor at the University of Oslo, examined detailed patterns in temperature changes in the atmosphere and oceans together with […]

Joe Biden’s energy policies will prolong the current crisis, oil & gas executive says A prominent oil and gas executive said in an interview with Fox News that he believed the Biden administration’s energy policies would prolong and magnify the existing crisis. Joe Biden announced Friday that the government would resume oil and gas leases on federal land in a bid to bring down petrol prices. They have hit a […]

Protect farmland to protect food supply: ‘Solar farms use land. The right place for solar is poor grade land of low environmental value’ By Professor Mike Alder The terrible war in Ukraine has focused the minds of politicians and planners on energy supply. This is, of course, important, but of far greater concern should be food supply for the UK. Ukraine produces 12% of the world’s wheat, and Ukraine and Russia together produce over 35% of the […]

‘A bit of a money grab’: CBS News: Suing over climate change: Taking fossil fuel companies to court ‘modeled after the Big Tobacco cases If climate change were a disaster film, it would likely be accused of being too over-the-top: wildfires reducing entire towns to ashes, hurricanes swamping cities, droughts draining lakes and withering fields, and raging oceans redrawing the very maps of our coasts. And now, many cities and states are asking, who’s going to pay for all of this? “This is real; […]