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Alex Epstein: US Democrats are engaging in epic denial on oil & gasoline prices

By Alex Epstein

US Democrats are trying everything imaginable to lower oil/gasoline prices except the thing that would actually work: STOP THREATENING THE EXISTENCE OF THE OIL INDUSTRY. Instead of acknowledging their key role in increasing oil prices, Dems are engaging in epic denial tactics.

  • For 15+ years Democratic politicians, including Joe Biden, have relentlessly attacked oil investment, oil production, and oil transport—leading to higher prices and lower security.

    Instead of taking credit for their “success,” they are denying that they are anti-fossil fuels!1

  • The “business decisions” denial tactic

    For 15+ years Democratic politicians have pushed everything they can to threaten new oil production: net-zero, ESG, proposed bans, etc.

    Now they are blaming companies for “business decisions” to refrain from threatened oil production!2

  • The “windfall profits” denial tactic

    For 15+ years Democratic politicians have done everything they can to make new oil production unprofitable—leading to less investment.

    Now they are condemning companies for not investing enough “windfall profits”!3

  • The “9000 leases” denial tactic

    For 15+ years Dem politicians have driven up oil prices by delaying/destroying countless economically viable oil projects.

    To deny responsibility they are attacking companies for not developing 9000 leases the companies judge to be economically nonviable.4

  • The “price gouging” denial tactic

    For 15+ years Democratic politicians have driven up oil prices by attacking oil investment, oil production, and oil transport.

    To deny responsibility they are calling for yet another worthless “price gouging” investigation.5

  • The energy crisis is simple.

    Politicians around the world, including US Democrats, have restricted fossil fuel investment/production/transport on the false promise of replacement by unreliable solar/wind.

    The result: higher prices and lower security.

    Anti-fossil fuel politicians, please stop the denial.


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