SEC Ignores the Easiest Way to Reduce Climate Policy Risks – Oppose the NetZero Agenda By Marlo Lewis, Jr. The Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) rationale for its proposed climate risk-disclosure rule does not pass the laugh test. The SEC claims it seeks to protect investors from climate-related “transition” and “liability” risks—the financial losses climate policies and litigation could inflict on fossil-fuel companies and their shareholders. But the SEC ignores the […]

Analysis: ‘High en­ergy prices are no more caused by cor­porate greed than the low oil prices of 2015-20 were re­sult of cor­po­rate generos­ity’ Biden’s Blame Game Will Raise Oil Prices Democrats’ bluster about ‘corporate greed’ is scaring away the investors needed to expand energy supplies. By James W. Coleman Instead of taking steps to boost U.S. oil and gas production amid skyrocketing prices and the war in Ukraine, President Biden is standing by his green-energy goals and […]

Alex Epstein: US Democrats are engaging in epic denial on oil & gasoline prices By Alex Epstein US Democrats are trying everything imaginable to lower oil/gasoline prices except the thing that would actually work: STOP THREATENING THE EXISTENCE OF THE OIL INDUSTRY. Instead of acknowledging their key role in increasing oil prices, Dems are engaging in epic denial tactics. For 15+ years Democratic politicians, including Joe Biden, have relentlessly attacked oil […]

Environmentalists Would Ban Urban Car Use & Internal Flights in Europe to End Russian Energy Imports New report backs COVID-style ‘war economy footing’ New report backs energy rationing, COVID-style ‘war economy footing,’ and free public transport By Nathan Worcester April 14, 2022 Updated: April 14, 2022 A March report from the environmentalist group RePlanet is pushing for an immediate halt to imports of Russian oil, natural gas, and coal by European countries, arguing that major policy shifts could rapidly end that […]

Where have all the Clouds gone and why care? Global cloud cover decline over past 40 years By Charles Blaisdell PhD ChE The earth’s cloud cover has long been an important puzzle in climate change.  Cloud cover has many types and varies significantly from year to year.  Ground records of global cloud cover over 40 years have shown a 0.41%/decade (8) decrease in cloud cover. (A 37-year European only study (16) found a 1.4%/decade decrease). […]

Trudeau a climate hypocrite and his carbon footprint proves it By Brian Lilley Justin Trudeau is proving once again that he is a climate hypocrite. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a point of fact shown by his own actions again and again. On Monday, Trudeau flew to Victoria, B.C., to promote his government’s budget and push the need to lower carbon emissions. The next […]

How Big Green Undermines Pennsylvania’s Energy Potential By Kevin Mooney Pennsylvania sits at the epicenter of what is aptly described as America’s “natural gas revolution,” which is why the state is well positioned to help free America and Europe from relying on foreign adversaries for their energy. But there’s a problem. Average residents who stand to benefit from affordable and reliable domestic energy supplies […]

World Economic Forum Great Reset meetings reveal efforts to use COVID to restructure society, cancel oil & gas & censor Internet Rebel News has obtained Global Affairs documents regarding WEF Great Reset meetings The World Economic Forum planning documents hinted at a desire to use COVID instability to restructure society, cancel oil and gas development and censor the Internet. By Sheila Gunn Reid The documents obtained through Access to Information filings are high-level briefing notes […]