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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on Biden & oil reserves & electric cars: ‘Why not produce more oil instead of using the existing oil and draining us down?’

Newsmax TV – Broadcast April 3, 2022


Newsmax TV host: One tactic as they’re releasing a million barrel miles per day from the strategic oil reserve, keep my we burn about twenty million per day, so it’s not a huge difference, which is not what this whole strategic oil reserves for joining us now is the founder of Marc Morano.  Marc appreciate waken up forest this morning are so, let’s dive into this here. The current average per gallon, a little over four dollars and fifteen cents a gallon depending on where you are in the country. Now it’s a demand issue the right now we’re still using the same amount of oil, everyone just paying more for new, there’s very little cut with the increase price. Now we’re gonna see going in a boat season in the summer. How that affects it, so Biden response responses. Oh man, this is politically really bad. I’m going to take thirty percent of our strategic oil reserves, which is for like war.

>> And stuff like that, and I’m going to release it just so people aren’t paying as much at the pump. Can we just drill.

> Marc Morano: That would be the logical thing to do, but here’s here’s what’s interesting is that Biden Administration’s talking points on this strategic petroleum reserve release and the media copycat Bloomberg news, says: Biden embraces oil base and braces energy and oil. This is the equivalent of someone having emergency savings account in deciding you want to go, go out on a big lavish vacations and say they are embracing, maybe spending making money instead of actually making more money. So what Biden is done? Here? He’s raiding our reserves in order to try to paper over any issue at the moment, and it’s not going to work really have a little over three years yet about three years in our search, strategic petroleum reserve for the United States Biden is proposing to raid one-third of that in order to essentially help the Democrats. In the meantime, this is a political decision and it’s harming U.S. national security and it misses the elephant in the room. Why not produce more oil instead of using the existing oil and draining us down to nothing,

Newsmax TV host: But also the whole problem here is that the green agenda, the left’s agenda, which Biden is is, is tethered to a meat hook line and sinker. Okay, he has that leash or and so so tightly that it doesn’t change the fact. We’re still burning oil think we’re still using a cell. Same amount of oil if he releases this stuff, so why is the left not criticizing for this.

> Marc Morano: Well, the left- the left- probably won’t criticize them on this, because the oils already there and in their in their minds, this kind of an energy crisis helps the more we deplete our oil reserves, the more they can say waited more solar and wind we’re running out of oil. This is the way this whole system works. They’ve put, these aren’t the unintended consequences. These are the intended consequences of Green New Deal style policies. They want rationing and shortages that they can come in at a time of crisis in try to remake our energy system when we’re under a state of crisis, we’re not able to make rational decisions. That’s when you’re hoping we saw it with cove to a flat earth based on these scary computer models yeah that two years. S

Newsmax TV: So this is what they’re looking for mark started with. I can’t let you go without listen to Pelosi. Listen! This.
>> We, have this know? Okay cool? So probably my bad guys are nancy. Pelosi said that you know what just just buy an electric car. Okay, that’s the problem. People should take a bite and came out. The other day, said: hey, you know what, if, if you just buy an electric car for sixty, seventy eighty thousand dollars will say the eighty dollars a month that this is a green agenda. Garbage.

> What is the average John q public like me, or you come out and say, like a look and by seventy thousand dollar car to say eighty bucks on fuel. That makes no sense.

Marc Morano: That doesn’t make sense, logically, from a consumer point of view and environmentally or from an energy and real quick and from a consumer’s point, you’re putting out a lot of money that by the time. You have those savings, your own they’ve done cost benefit analysis a decade or more before you ever going to see those gas savings number one number two: it doesn’t make energy savings because you have to plug in that car every night to recharge it worked,