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Climate Critics Rip Tom Friedman for Imbecilic Attack on U.S. ‘Oil Addiction’ By Joseph Vazquez New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has a hot take about the Ukraine War, and of course, it involved trying to freak people out about climate change. Friedman blurted in a new op-ed that the Ukraine War “needs to end with America finally, formally, categorically and irreversibly ending its addiction to oil.” Friedman’s op-ed, headlined “How […]

Claim: ‘You’re eating a credit card’s worth of plastic every week…altering your gut makeup’ – Rebuttal: Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘What a complete load of crap’ by Jocelyn Solis-Moreira How much plastic is sitting on your gut? If you think the answer is zero, think again. A recent review suggests people consume about five grams of plastic particles per week — the equivalent of the weight of a credit card. Nanoplastics are any plastics less than 0.001 millimeters in size. […]

Watch: Dr. Oz: ‘The Green New Deal Is a Hoax, it’s a Fraud’ Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, told Newsmax on Wednesday that the Democratic Party’s Green New Deal agenda is “a hoax, a fraud” and “can’t be done in the timeline that’s described.” “What we can do is rely on natural gas right here from under our feet […]

Zelensky Claims Europe Can Address Russian Invasion of Ukraine If They Go Green – ‘Green energy have become a logical & just answer’

Zelensky's proposal to stop war: Green energy. I wish I was kidding.🔻 — Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) March 30, 2022 Zelensky Claims the Way Europe Can Stop the Russian Invasion Is if They Go Green (Yes, Really) by JD Rucker Excerpt:Immediately after telling of the horrors his people are facing at the hands of Russian […]

Morano: Climate activists envy China’s one-party rule Environmentalists Want It Both Ways on ‘Green’ Energy By John Rossomando Excerpt: The Biden administration says “green energy” is the magic bullet against rising oil and gas prices that benefit Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine – but environmentalist opposition to the work required to make a “greener” America a reality sets up […]

Too Much Lake Water is Climate Change, Not Enough Lake Water is Climate Change. by Warner Todd Huston And Jeff Dunetz The Great Lakes in the north-central U.S. is a perfect example of how leftist green loons think climate change can be blamed for literally everything. Back in 2013, I was writing for Breitbart News, and at the time, the Great Lakes, especially Lake Michigan, were at near historic […]

NBC News OpEd: ‘How Biden’s tunnel vision on oil & gas encouraged Putin’s invasion of Ukraine’ – Moved U.S. away from domestic energy, strengthening foreign sources By Carrie Sheffield, senior policy analyst During a 2020 presidential debate, then-candidate Joe Biden vowed that if elected, “I would transition from the oil industry.” Now in office, he has transitioned America’s economy away from the domestic U.S. oil industry while strengthening foreign oil industries. As a result, Biden played a part in emboldening Russian President Vladimir […]

UK gas generation has risen ‘suggesting that intermittent wind & solar power have increased the reliance on gas’ Has renewable energy reduced our dependence on natural gas? By Paul Homewood Has renewable energy reduced our dependence on natural gas? It is a question often posed lately, with the corollary that if we had built more renewable capacity we would now be much better off and less at the mercy of high gas prices. […]