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Watch: Morano on KUSI TV San Diego: ‘You are not saving the earth by buying an electric car’

 KUSI Newsroom

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With the exponentially high gas prices, many are eyeing those electric cars. But does driving an electric car solve as many problems as electric car companies purport them to?

Marc Morano has been working as the executive director and chief correspondent of, a blog which regularly calls climate change into question.

Through writing and hosting on the Climate Hustle films, writing the 2021 book, “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse than You Think,” and more, he has become one the world’s most high-profile voices of climate realism in the world today.

ClimateDepot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, which is a conservative think-tank in Washington D.C.

Morano joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss debunking the climate myth and electric cars.