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Biden: ‘We’re at an inflection point…that occurs every three or four generations…there’s going to be a new world order’ President Biden: There’s Going To Be A New World Order, It Hasn’t Happened In A While And America Has To Lead It President Biden, the former Senator from Delaware, addressed the Business Roundtable on Monday afternoon. “We’re at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy, not just the world economy, the world, […]

Morano on SEC ‘climate risk’ disclosures: ‘It’s a way for climate activists to literally get their claws into every aspect of a business’ without a vote of Congress Big Business witnessing backdoor scheme to dig, shame, and harass By Chris Woodward, Billy Davis The economy-wrecking “Green New Deal” has not been abandoned by determined Democrats, who witnessed their radical plan die in Congress, and now comes their newest strategy: Private corporations must comply with climate-related mandates in order to participate in stock […]

Physicist: New Projections of Sea Level Rise Are Overblown By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander That sea levels are rising due to global warming is not in question. But there’s no strong scientific evidence that the rate of rise is accelerating, as claimed in a recent NOAA (the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) report on sea level rise or the Sixth Assessment Report […]

New SEC Climate Rules For Businesses- Hijacking the Democratic Process by Faye Higbee The Biden administration doesn’t have the votes to jam their radical climate rules through Congress, so they’ve resorted to an end-run through a financial regulatory agency. The SEC- Securities and Exchange commission- has published a list of rules that require businesses to report things that are …ridiculous, and for many, they are completely […]

Watch: Morano on Gorka’s show warning of the coming ‘energy lockdowns’ & Now they want your Pets to Die!

Sebastian talks to Climate Depot founder Marc Morano about the energy crisis, and the latest insane demands from the so-called “green” crowd. Tune in to America First with Sebastian Gorka, Weekdays 3PM-6PM EST. Eat lentils and let your pets die of cancer! Bloomberg is slammed for out-of-touch op-ed lecturing Americans earning less than $300,000 […]

‘Which Is It, Joe?’ Watch: American Energy Alliance’s video on Biden, energy sec & John Kerry’s flip flops on gas   Which Is It, Joe? Joe Biden ran for president promising to end domestic production of natural gas, oil, & coal. Joe Biden hired a team of bureaucrats who zealously attacked American energy producers from day one. Now that the predictable consequences of his extremist agenda are coming to fruition Biden and his cronies […]

Gore’s climate group: ‘HOW CLIMATE CHANGE PUTS MOTHERS AT RISK’ – ‘Pregnant individuals are some of the most heavily affected by the climate crisis’ Pollution, extreme heat, and natural disasters threaten us all — but especially mothers and infants. It’s no secret that climate change impacts our most vulnerable first and worst.But there’s one group often forgotten when we talk about climate change. Their temporary risk factors make them easy to overlook, but make no mistake: pregnant individuals […]

‘Fly larva: the meat of the future?’ ‘Alternative proteins could make their way into the kitchen’ By ZACHY HENNESSEY The meat alternative market is a rapidly developing field of interest among food-tech companies, as they race to find unique approaches that are environmentally friendly, easily manufactured, moderately priced and, most importantly, palatable. Israeli start-up More Foods has developed a novel form of alternative protein made from pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The company’s technology […]

Watch: Morano on KUSI TV San Diego: ‘You are not saving the earth by buying an electric car’ Broadcast March 21, 2022  KUSI Newsroom SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With the exponentially high gas prices, many are eyeing those electric cars. But does driving an electric car solve as many problems as electric car companies purport them to? Marc Morano has been working as the executive director and chief correspondent of, a blog which […]

Watch: John Stossel explain ‘The Renewable Energy Fail’ – ‘Big Renewable Europe now scrambles to burn coal! Why?’

By John Stossel Energy shortages, skyrocketing prices… What’s made it worse? The attempt to switch to cleaner, renewable energy. ——– Don’t miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: ——— Everyone wants us to switch to renewables. President Joe Biden says, “We can’t wait any longer!” Johanna Neumann of Environment America says […]