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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: The U.S. & Europe need to stop ‘unilateral energy disarmament’

Newsmax TV – The Count – Broadcast March 19, 2022

Rought Transcript:


Morano: We have a situation where we’re in an energy war and the United States — using cold war terminology — is engaging in unilateral energy disarmament.

We are limiting domestic energy to make us more dependent on Russia, China, Opec, Venezuela — take your pick of hostile regimes. It makes no sense why the Biden administration is doing this, unless you look at their rhetoric. Biden’s Energy Secretary, Granholm said she wants to keep gasoline in the ground because the world’s a flame due to global warming. She sang in a video, a dance, a video singing those very words. Obama’s Energy secretary Chu wanted European gas prices in the U.S.  This is a long-term intended consequence of Green New Deal-style policies.