Watch: Dem Senator Dick Durbin: Don’t Blame Biden Or Putin For Gas Prices & Inflation, ‘We’re Waging A War Against Climate Change’ – ‘A war that will decide what America will look like’

By Tim Hains

Democratic Senate Whip Dick Durbin responded to a common Republican criticism that the Biden administration deflecting blame for record-high inflation and gas prices onto Russia on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I think it is completely wrong for us to blame President Biden and his efforts to stop Putin and say these are the reasons why we’re having inflation in this country, there are many other factors, other countries are going through the same inflation,” Durbin said.

“We have to be sensible about what my friend [GOP Sen.] John Barrasso calls the ‘climate elitists.’ We are fighting and waging a war against climate change. It is a war that will decide what America will look like and what the world will look like for the next generation. Let’s take both of those seriously,” Durbin said.