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REPORT: Biden’s Russian Oil Ban Executive Order Appears to Exempt U.S. Fed Govt, Agencies, Contractors from Importing Russia Oil Biden’s Russian Oil Ban Executive Order Appears to Exempt U.S. Federal Government, Agencies, Contractors  By Craig Bannister | March 17, 2022 | 1:21pm EDT President Joe Biden’s executive order prohibiting the importation of Russian oil, prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, appears to exempt the U.S. federal government, its agencies and its contractors from the ban. […]

NYT Times features map maker upset they can’t control the climate: It’s ‘a scary feeling that there’s something happening THAT WE CAN’T CONTROL’

Funny NYT #ClimateCult reporting: During an interglacial period, a warmist cartographer gets "a scary feeling that there’s something happening THAT WE CAN'T CONTROL.” #HotTake @jswatz — Tom Nelson (@tan123) March 15, 2022    

House Democrats call on Biden to use climate crisis as ‘building block’ to restart social spending bill Dozens of House Democrats signed a letter addressed to US President Joe Biden asking that the climate crisis be the “building block to restart negotiations” on the Build Back Better social spending bill. To resuscitate the stalled bill, the 89 Democrats underscored in their letter on Monday how the $555bn (£426.3bn) in funding set aside for climate resilience and clean energy would be a “key starting […]

BONKERS: The Atlantic Cries Nuclear War Is a ‘Climate Problem’ By Joseph Vazquez A deranged Atlantic article argued that when talking about nuclear war’s likely catastrophic death toll, one should also address how it would “wreck” the climate. The Atlantic had the audacity to publish an eco-extremist piece posing as serious scholarship: “On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem.” The piece, written by Atlantic staff writer Robinson Meyer, pontificated to […]

Nation Mag: ‘The Case for Declaring a National Climate Emergency’ – ‘There is no greater emergency’ Key points: Jean Su of the Center & Maya Golden-Krasner of the Center for Biological Diversity:  “The confluence of the climate emergency and Russia’s war in Ukraine make this moment an ideal opportunity for Biden to declare a national climate emergency…Since the 1970s, Congress has granted the president various national defense powers that can […]

From COVID Emergency to ‘Climate Emergency’: House Dems want Biden to declare national ‘climate emergency’ By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives are reportedly planning to publicly urge President Biden to ban oil drilling on federal lands amid record gas prices and a war in Ukraine that has disrupted oil markets.  According to a report from Politico,  the Congressional Progressive Caucus is planning to demand that […]