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Watch: Morano on One America TV: ‘Intended consequences’ – ‘John Kerry & Biden admin aren’t that upset that Americans & Europeans are getting hammered with’ high prices

Broadcast March 10, 2022 – One America News – In Focus With Stephanie Hamill
Morano: In terms of the substance of what Kerry said, It is very simple physics, science, engineering. When you go green and follow Green New Deal-style policies for a decade and more as Europe has done, you find yourself with massive dependency on hostile regimes like Russia, OPEC, Iran, China, and instead of trying to blame something on climate refugees, which aren’t a thing and Syrian civil war was not the climate change-induced because global droughts are not at any increasing level. All of his science is wrong. But essentially, we know the path that if you limit domestic energy, you have to rely on hostile regimes to do it. So John Kerry perversely is correct. We know the path we know what got us here. Skyrocketing energy, skyrocketing food prices.
The media is now bragging, if you will, that people aren’t going to be able to afford steaks and hamburgers, you won’t be able to travel in your SUV. Gee, all that sort of dovetails exactly with the climate agenda. You’d almost think that the climate activists and John Kerry and the Biden administration aren’t that upset that Americans and Europeans are getting hammered with this situation right now. And you’d have to look at their history to find out they’re really not upset. These are the intended consequences of green New Deal-style policies.

Morano: What ends up happening when we outsource our CO2 emissions. We outsource our environment to Russia, the Middle East and China. China’s the biggest one in terms of where we’re outsourcing to, but we can claim to ourselves ‘Hey, we don’t drill here. We don’t drill. We’re cutting back on fracking. We’re not doing pipelines. We’re the role models of the world.’ Meanwhile, we’re importing it all in from countries with lower environmental standards. This is bonkers, bonkers, bonkers.


Kerry: We Are Driven Not ‘by Ideology, We’re Driven by Mathematics and Physics’ on Climate – KERRY: “We are driven not by politics, not by ideology, we’re driven by mathematics, and physics, by science, which tells us and it has been for 35 years or more, what will happen if we don’t do X, Y and Z, and we have the advantage now having mother nature herself share with us the realities of what happens if you don’t do things that we’ve been talking about for 25, 30 years or more.”

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