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Nickel price surge could add $1,000 to cost of electric vehicle – Russia is one of largest global producers of nickel – If metal were added to sanctions list, it could severely limit flow Nickel is one of the hottest corners of the market right now. And it could spell a lot of trouble for automakers. Nickel surged above $100,000 a metric ton on the London Metal Exchange, prompting a trading halt. There are a number of reasons for the recent spike in prices (the metal is up 250% […]

Europe is paying a heavy price for ‘Unilateral Energy Disarmament’ – It’s time to drill for victory in fight for energy independence Net Zero Samizdat The world’s best climate & energy policy bulletin 10 March 2022 1) British Foreign Secretary backs return to fracking to stop Russia holding UK to ransom on gas The Daily Telegraph, 10 March 2022 2) Net Zero has become a ‘new religion,’ says Iain Duncan Smith The Independent, 9 March 2022 […]

Biden’s Electric Car Plans Support the World’s Worst Humanitarian Abuses – ‘Violate basic environmental justice principles’ By Tom Harris In his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, President Joe Biden promoted electric vehicles (EVs), trumpeting his plans to establish “a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.” In so doing, Biden is unwittingly supporting the worst humanitarian abuses in the world. This is because of the way in which […]