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Watch: Morano on Newsmax: ‘High energy prices are NOT the unintended consequences of the Green New Deal-style policies, they are the INTENDED consequences’


Bianca de la Garza: Here to talk about the green energy disaster and break it all down, is former senior staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.  Marc Morano, great to having you. Thanks you.

Morano: Thank. You Bianca, happy to be here today.

Bianca de la Garza: So obviously it all Americans are feeling at the price of gas increasing over forty percent in the past year. We all know what’s happening in the past few days. It’s jumped even like thirty-six cents. What is stopping President Biden from cutting the you us off from Russian oil and making us and oil producer again.

Morano: One simple word ideology. It’s a green ideology, a green delusion. If you will what’s happened here, is now every time Americans go to the pump to fill up our gas, we’re subsidizing and funding Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s that simple. And how can I say that?  Biden vowed when he campaigned to end all fossil fuels. Biden wanted to jail executives from fossil fuel companies. He comes into the office on day one he shuts down Keystone pipeline, bans drilling, he starts going after fracking — the death of a thousand cuts. He is using the Treasury Department to defund fossil fuel energy project. Biden sent a signal to the energy markets of scarcity, shortages, which led the one thing — price hikes. 

Morano: Joe Biden came in and systematically dismantled that energy legacy that he inherited from Donald Trump.

Bianca de la Garza: The CEO of Tesla and tweeted Friday, and we want to show you what he wrote. He says hate to say it, but we need to increase oil and gas output immediately…so it seems that even the progressives- okay because he makes electric cars when we see him turning against biting green policy mad. You know where, in bad shape,

Morano: “Yeah, it seems as though Musk has been red-pilled, if you will, since the whole, lockdowns and now the Russian invasion.  I mean he is really not the same Musk as just of a few years ago. He is now just turning against the sort of the woke politically correct ruling class and it’s an amazing thing to watch because of that much power and wealth could do a lot of damage to them.

As I go back to what I said originally, it’s ideology. The Washington Post had an article last summer where they said if Ronald Reagan had not ever been elected and we had a Jimmy Carter second term, we never would have a climate crisis. So think about this: Our elite media, led by the Washington Post, has gone back in time and their vision of the ultimate success for the world was Jimmy Carter’s one term in office, and you know wow. It really resembles Joe Biden first year in office, with the energy prices, shortages, inflation, foreign policy — America, projecting weakness all over the world. But this is what they want.

The high energy prices we’re facing now are NOT unintended consequences of the Green New Deal-style policies, but they are the INTENDED consequence of their energy policies.


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