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The Pause Lengthens Again: No Global Warming Since 2014 – 7 Years 5 Months

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The drop from 0.03 K to 0.00 K from January to February 2022 in the UAH satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere dataset has proven enough to lengthen the New Pause to 7 years 5 months, not that you will see this interesting fact anywhere in the Marxstream media:

IPeCaC, in its 1990 First Assessment Report, had predicted medium-term global warming at a rate equivalent to 0.34 K decade–1 up to 2030. The actual rate of warming from January 1990 to February 2022 was a mere two-fifths of what had been “confidently” predicted, at 0.14 K decade–1:

The entire UAH record since December 1978 shows warming at 0.134 K decade–1, near-identical to the 0.138 K decade–1 since 1990, indicating very little of the acceleration that would occur if the ever-increasing global CO2 concentration and consequent anthropogenic forcing were exercising more than a small, harmless and net-beneficial effect:

Note that all these charts are anomaly charts. They make the warming look much greater and more drastic than it is in reality. The 0.58 K warming trend since late 1978 represents an increase of just 0.2% in absolute global mean surface temperature – hardly a crisis, still less an emergency.