Russia Collusion exposed in 2018: Congressional report detailed ‘Russian Attempts to Influence’ & Fund Environmental Groups to Oppose Fracking in Europe & U.S.

The Russia “collusion” no one seems to want to remember. Here are excerpts from a 2-18 U.S. Congressional report from the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. It details how Russian From March 1, 2018�� U.S. Congress Report: United States House of Representatives – Committee on Science, Space, and Technology – Russian Attempts to Influence U.S. […]

Former Head of Brittain’s MI6 calls for ‘immediate lifting of fracking moratorium’ – Rips ‘Net-Zero’ climate goals as ‘crazy, unattainable objectives’ London, 4 March — The former Head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, has called on Boris Johnson to ‘immediately lift the moratorium on fracking’ and help Britain’s European partners to divest from Russian gas dependency. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast Sir Richard also warns that Britain’s rush to Net Zero was […]

Morano on Biden’s energy policy: ‘It’s bonkers’ for U.S. to be ‘shutting down our energy…when OPEC, Iran, Russia, & China have zero intention of playing by same rules’ Beijing’s Energy Policies Benefit Chinese Industry, While US Sacrifices Its Own Energy Interests: Expert By Michael Washburn and David Zhang The Chinese regime has received widespread praise for its purported ability to make progress on climate change issues, but it actually pursues energy policies that benefit itself without regard for the environment. Meanwhile, the United States has failed to […]

Just like that: Germany U-turns, and wants unfashionable energy like nuclear, coal, and gas By Jo Nova All it took was a War. Policies based on fashion can be dead-set one day and gone the next. Until Saturday Germany was about to close its last nuclear power plants, gas production had been falling for 20 years and it planned to phase out coal plants by 2030. Germany […]

Biden’s climate crisis disappearing act – While the GOP climate stance is ‘Me too, but less’ By Benjamin Zycher Like the dog that failed to bark in Sherlock Holmes’ “Adventure of Silver Blaze,” the virtual absence of “climate crisis” exhortations in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address is fascinating, in particular, because the Republicans have not figured out yet that their climate policy stance of “Me too, but […]