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CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando

CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando 4

By Adam Houser

CFACT once again officially cosponsored CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) in Orlando, Florida, which is the largest annual gathering of grassroots conservatives in the world.

CFACT brought its message of energy independence and sound environmental policy to conference attendees, which was well-timed given world events. As Russian troops stream across the Ukrainian border halfway across the world, Western allies are struggling to impose economic sanctions on Russia that would bring any real impact on Putin and his regime. Even Italy’s Prime Minister pleaded with EU officials to avoid sanctions on Russia that would touch the energy sector. According to Reuters, Italy imports 90% of its gas, and Russia is a big player in that.

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Tucker Carlson interviews CFACT’s Marc Morano about energy independence and how it relates to foreign policy.

Part of this is because the West has gone “all in” on foolish net zero energy policies which have forced much of Europe to rely on Russian oil and gas to keep the heat on in the winter. CFACT’s Marc Morano explained this from CPAC during several television appearances including Tucker Carlson, Fox and Friends, Newsmax TV, Epoch Times TV, and One America News.

“So a war on fossil fuels happens,” Morano said. “We are now in a much, much weaker position one year into this administration to where now Vladimir Putin is the direct beneficiary of all this. And you can’t keep Europe out of this. Europe is many years ahead of their version of a disastrous Green New Deal. One professor in Europe actually said it’s typical Marxist garbage — what they’ve engaged in. Europe began shutting down their energy, so the whole world has been empowering basically three places. The Middle East for OPEC, China, and now of course Vladimir Putin’s Russia.”

In addition to television, Morano and CFACT President Craig Rucker were interviewed by many radio stations and news outlets at CPAC, including the Michael Yaffee Show WVNN-AM of Alabama, the Kira Davis Show (national), the David Shepherd Radio Show, Larry O’Connor WMAL (DC), George Braun and Russ show KBLU (Yuma, AZ), Dan the Ox KNSI (Minnesota), the FCB Radio Network, the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH Seattle, WA, Right America Media with Keith Hanson, the Tony Katz Show, and Brett Winterble (Charlotte, NC on WBT).

Morano and Rucker discussed how disastrous Biden’s energy and environmental policies have been for America both at home and abroad. They gave insight into international climate policy, and dissected the Ukraine crisis and how energy policy is playing a huge role.

CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando

CFACT President Craig Rucker (left) participates in radio interviews on CPAC’s “media row.”

In addition to media interviews, CFACT activists also interacted with conference attendees at CFACT’s table, where participants could play CFACT’s “Energy Price is Right” plinko game for the chance to win a prize. Just like in the famous plinko game from the popular “Price is Right” game show, attendees take a token chip and drop it at the top of the board (although CFACT’s version was just a bit smaller). From there, the chip bounces down until it falls in one of several boxes labeled “solar,” “wind,” “nuclear,” and “fossil fuels.”

If the chip landed in solar or wind, attendees would get some candy, but if their chip landed on nuclear or fossil fuels, attendees were entered for a chance to win a gas card!

“The point of the game was to show that while solar and wind can provide a little energy sometimes, the real way to power a society is with nuclear and fossil fuels,” explained CFACT President Craig Rucker. “Solar and wind can play a part, but society needs reliable, efficient energy.”

CFACT volunteers also offered copies of CFACT’s groundbreaking documentary Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy for purchase. Even a year after its initial release, the film still generates quite the buzz, as many stopped by to learn more and get their copy. (If you haven’t already, you can get your copy here!)

At the end of CPAC, former president Donald Trump gave the keynote address, making many of the points that CFACT was explaining to attendees throughout the conference. “[Biden] enriched Putin by approving the Russian pipeline which has really been at the core of much of the problem we have right now,” Trump said.

CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando 7CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando 6CFACT bings energy independence message to CPAC 2022 in Orlando 5

Photo captions: Left: attendee Lara Christensen purchases a copy of CFACT’s “Climate Hustle 2” documentary. Center: a conference-goer tries his luck at the energy plinko game. Right: the CFACT team poses behind the booth as CPAC draws to a close.

Overall, CPAC attendees left the conference better informed of the facts and ready to engage with CFACT to make an impact on public policy through 2022.

“We had dozens of meaningful interactions with really passionate people, particularly students and young people,” explained CFACT’s National Field Coordinator Bob Knee. “We’re excited to partner with them and expand CFACT’s Collegians program across colleges and universities this spring.”

Look for CFACT to continue to be a major player in the conservative movement; influencing public policy, discourse, and political strategy throughout government, media, and the grassroots.


  • Adam Houser coordinates student leaders as National Director of CFACT’s collegians program and writes on issues of climate and energy.