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‘Climate lockdowns’ gaining traction – Biden has been urged declare a ‘climate emergency’

By Chris Woodward

Could the U.S. and other countries be headed for another lockdown – not to flatten the curve, but to curb emissions?

COVID may have only been “the opening act” by governments bent on enacting alleged “emergency” restrictions on the public as a means of control. In fact, according to one columnist, fear over “climate change” could lead to long-term lockdowns similar to those imposed by governments over the last two years during the pandemic.

In an op-ed for The Hill, libertarian writer Kristin Tate says calls for harsh government measures in the name of saving the environment are already in the parlance of influential organizations and figures:

“In November 2020,” she writes, “the Red Cross proclaimed that climate change is a bigger threat than COVID and should be confronted with ‘the same urgency.’ Bill Gates recently demanded dramatic measures to prevent climate change, claiming it will be worse than the pandemic.”

“Significant measures are already being planned to combat climate change. California will ban the sale of gasoline cars in 13 years, as will Germany. Britain plans to do the same in just eight. Prohibiting internal combustion engines could save the planet, the argument goes. As each negative weather event is blamed on climate change, government will increasingly use its restrictive tools.”

“Political leaders have learned that fear prompts the public to accept dramatic curtailing of freedoms for vague promises of safety – they must realize the incredible power at their fingertips.”

It’s not fake news, Marc Morano of Climate Depot tells AFN. “Once you declare an emergency and you suspend traditional democracy, you can get a lot done,” he explains. “That’s why this idea of a climate lockdown is so attractive to climate activists.”

The idea, says Morano, is to restrict movement of all kinds – air travel, car travel, even car ownership, he cites.

“We have new movement with the United Nations teaming with Mastercard for CO2 carbon footprint-monitoring credit cards that cut off your spending when you hit your max,” Morano continues. “This is a movement that is borne out of opportunism and needs a ‘crisis’ in order to achieve a version of a climate lockdown – and this is exactly what the Left wants.”

According to Morano, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) has urged President Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency so they can actually then do things they could not otherwise do.