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Newsweek: It’s So Cold in Texas That Trees Are Exploding, Sounding ‘Like Gunshots’

Newsweek reports that an “arctic cold front in north Texas lowered temperatures to a point that caused trees to explode, prompting residents to compare the resulting noises to “gunshots.”

“We listened to them all night. Sounds like gunshots going off,” recounted one resident.

Trees exploding from cold is a not unknown phenomenon.  Freezing causes sap to expand beyond the capacity of the bark causing the explosion.  Watch this tree explode from cold last year:

Texas experienced drastic cold last year which stressed the power grid leading to deaths.  The cold has returned this year.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott prepared for this.  Abbott tweeted:

Newsweek: Texas so cold that trees are exploding 1

Severe winter cold is weather, not climate.  So are high temperatures in summer.

Global warming campaigners routinely ignore cold and trumpet heat.  When they are feeling particularly shameless they even try and attribute cold days to climate change.

Extremes in our weather are historically normal.  Anyone claiming individual cold or hot days prove or disprove the theory of global warming is engaging in propaganda, not science.

Judge the models not by the weather, but by long term observed data.  Observational science is never kind to the modelers.