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Biden’s war on energy surrenders U.S. leverage over Russia, China, and Iran By Larry Bell  President Joe Biden is correct in assessing climate change as the greatest global threat … but for the wrong reason. It’s only because our most dangerous adversaries are weaponizing his administration’s energy policies driven by climate obsession to advance their territorial aggressions. Moscow is playing upon Biden’s release of sanctions against its Nord Stream […]

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Global warming causes less snow, or more snow? When science produces contradictory claims, is it really science?’ More Snow Hits the Fan this Week: Climate Change Alarmists Still Want it Both Ways By Dr. Roy Spencer January 31st, 2022 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. As I predicted, climate change has been blamed for the recent New England blizzard (e.g. from Bloomberg here). During that storm, Boston tied its 24-hr snowfall record at […]

105 More Non-Global Warming/Non-Hockey Stick Temperature Records Added To The Database In 2021 By Kenneth Richard Since 2019,there have been over 350 peer-reviewed scientific papers published showing no warming in the modern era and/or much warmer temperatures than today when CO2 levels ranged from 180 to 280 ppm (Holocene, Pleistocene). Below is the link to the updated (now including 2021) database of non-hockey temperature records from locations across […]

Melbourne University Circles the Green Drain By Tony Thomas About 6200 final-year secondary students from 700 schools have been invited to start at Melbourne University (UoM) this year, UoM being a world 30-40th top-ranked university. Good luck to the kids. They’ve suffered eleven school-years of climate doomism; the university will dish out more of it. Two professors in UoM publication Pursuit, for example, […]

Analysis of Pittsburgh’s bridge collapse: ‘Instead of replacing support beams, they used cables & diverted the money to woke sh*t’ 🅱️LACK     Jan 29  The bridge that just collapsed in the city of Pittsburgh was set to be restored in 2016. Instead of replacing the completely rusted out supports, they diverted the money to bike lanes, green energy programs and lanes for self driving cars.  Instead of replacing the support beams they used cables […]

Analysis debunks Norway’s ‘electric vehicle success story’ – ‘Use taxpayer money to make the competition hugely expensive, & your green fantasy will come true’ By Willis Eschenbach     Jan 18 • 7 tweets 🧵 People keep pointing Norway out to me as an “electric vehicle success story”, and asking why we can’t do it when they can. The answer is, they use the revenues from their huge oil and gas industry to finance equally huge subsidies for EV owners, duh. […]