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Top Ten Build Back Blunders: Joe Biden’s Disastrous First Year — Climate & Energy Edition

By Steve Milloy

Joe Biden has been President for one year. It’s been quite eventful, and not just because of COVID, Afghanistan, inflation, supply chain and more.

Biden campaigned for the presidency against fossil fuels — and he has lived up to that from Day 1. He has initiated and overseen a series of climate and energy-related backfires, disasters, embarrassments and corruption.

These Biden caused calamities have affected the lives and pocketbooks of every American and have compromised our national security. has carefully followed the Biden administration since the beginning. Presented below are the Top 10 and 35 bonus climate and energy-related Biden blunders for 2021. And there are certainly many more, but you’ll get the point from these 45.




The Top 10



    • 1. ‘Blue Collar Joe’ Biden’s Day 1 Job Massacre.

    • 2. EPA’s Science Advisor Massacre.

    • 3. Biden, Kerry admit US emissions cuts are pointless.

    • 4. Joe Manchin vetoes the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s climate plan.

    • 5. Joe Biden subjects America to OPEC dominance once again.

    • 6. Biden regime admits to wanting high gas prices.

    • 7. Biden’s war on fracking increases emissions.

    • 8. Biden’s EPA issues pointlessly expensive fuel economy standards.

    • 9. Kerry caves to China on climate.

    • 10. Manchin rejects Build Back Better.



Bonus Biden Miscues