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PETER HITCHENS: Just like the Reds, the Greens think they’re too good and noble to possibly be wrong but this country will begin to get colder and darker – just like the Soviet Union Last week I described a long-ago Christmas in Moscow, in those days the capital city of one of the maddest ideas that ever seized the human mind. It was a crazy place, needlessly dangerous, dirty, corrupt, desperately inefficient. One fact about it will tell you a lot. We always kept a spare can of petrol in the boot […]

Chinese Utility Terminates ‘Green’ Energy Plant Due to Pollutant Emissions By Fran Wang Shanghai Electric Power Co. Ltd. plans to terminate a project that was supposed to provide “green” energy in China’s Xinjiang region but instead discharges polluted wastewater. In a Dec. 28 filing to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company said that owing to the malfunction of an exhaust gas purification system, the operation of its Hami […]

Shellenberger: Why Greta’s Climate Panic Failed – Her ‘political influence has never been lower’ as EU labels nuclear & natural gas ‘sustainable’ By Michael Shellenberger The most influential climate activist in the world, with no runner-up in sight, is Greta Thunberg. Time Magazine named her Person of the Year for 2019 and it feels inevitable that she will win the Nobel Peace Prize eventually if not this year. With her 14 million followers on Instagram and her five […]

‘Occupy Biden’ forms weeklong camp near Delaware residence, demands president declare ‘climate emergency’ Protesters with a group called “Occupy Biden” have spent the past week in President Biden’s Delaware neighborhood calling on him to declare a “national climate emergency.” According to a description for the protest, which took place near President Biden’s residence in Delaware, the group said that “nonviolent action” is needed in order to push President […]

74.5 inches of snow? Multiple weather records smashed at one Alaska national park   The treacherous weather being reported across the nation may pale in comparison to what’s happening at one Alaska national park, where just over 6 feet of snow fell in December. Denali National Park got an average of 2.5 inches a day — for 29 days, the National Park Service says. That’s a lot, even by […]