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No ‘Day After Tomorrow’… German Oceanographer Sees No Reliable Trend Suggesting Slowdown In Atlantic Gulf Stream By P Gosselin Scientists say there’s just too little data available to suggest the Gulf Stream is slowing down, and there won’t be in the next five years.  Die kalte Sonne looked at the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, the system of surface and deep currents in the Atlantic Ocean that – among other things – transports […]

We’re saved! ‘Earth Emergency’ on PBS – Richard Gere narrates new documentary on how global warming is leading to a point of no return – Featuring Greta Thunberg & Jane Fonda!

'Earth Emergency' on PBS – Richard Gere narrates new documentary in which top climate scientists explain how human activity causes dangerous “feedback loops” that can push global warming to a point of no return. – Los Angeles Times — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) December 29, 2021     Maybe they need to explain how climate […]

Climatologist: ‘Manchin’s blocking of the BBB is climatically inconsequential’ Manchin’s Not The Climate Problem By Patrick J. Michaels, Senior Fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the CO2 Coalition. Senator Joe Manchin, who killed Biden’s Build Back Better plan live on Fox News, is being vilified throughout the legacy press because BBB’s climate plans are now similarly moribund. Somehow, the story goes, Biden’s plan […]

More Evidence: Glaciers Existing Today Were Absent For Nearly All Of The Last 10,000 Years By Kenneth Richard The cryosphere is failing to cooperate with the anthropogenic global warming narrative that says rising greenhouse gas emissions should be catastrophically melting Arctic ice. Scientists (O’Regan et al., 2021) report Ryder Glacier in north Greenland has advanced 2,881 m from 1948-2015 given its advancing rate of 43 m/yr-1. Its modern ice extent […]

BBC Climate Check For 1961 (The One They Won’t Broadcast!) By Paul Homewood   Ben Rich’s Climate Check begins: “If anywhere in the world sums up a year of extreme weather, it’s Canada.” This is highly ironic, because he could have used exactly the same introduction for the Climate Check of 1961! The drought that summer in the Canadian prairies was reckoned at the […]

It’s expensive to change the global climate, just ask the EU By Jo Nova If there was a sign of a major problem with energy policy it might look just like this: In the EU for most of the last ten years gas prices were €20. Last week they spiked to €180.  Prices have come down in the last few days as a flotilla of […]

State Climatologist Falsely Claims Climate Change Causing More Severe Weather By  H. Sterling Burnett Near the top of the results of Google new search of the phrase climate change today is a post from KPTM Fox 42 in Omaha, Nebraska claiming climate change is contributing to an increase in extreme weather events. This is false. Real-world data and the most recent report from the […]

Green Thinking Is The New Dogma Of The Ruling Class BY BRENDAN O’NEILL I mainly feel sorry for those who still labor under the delusion that environmentalism is a radical worldview. Those who believe that warning of End Times as a consequence of ruthless capitalist excess is a socialist position. Those who think that wringing one’s hands over the grotesque ‘footprint’ marauding humankind has left […]

UK MOTORISTS have hit back at Government over suggestion that private car ownership could eventually be banned By FELIX REEVES Transport Minister Trudy Harrison called for the country to move away from car ownership with shared mobility instead becoming the norm. She called for a system that is “fit for the future” and said the UK needed to depart from “20th century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership”. In response to the […]

We’re saved! 6th grader: ‘I chose to create a nonprofit organization to help stop climate change’ – ‘There’s bad weather’ By: Amanda Slee JENKS, Okla — A Jenks East Intermediate student has big ambitions to help stop climate change. She took on the challenge after her teacher encouraged each student in her 6th-grade class to take on a project that would change the world. A 6th-grade social studies teacher at Jenks East Intermediate is challenging […]