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Michael Mann: ‘Now it’s time for you to remove climate denial videos’

Climate activist @MichaelEMann calls for censorship of scientists who disagree with him on global warming, calls the risk of their words greater than Covid. “Climate change is already costing far more lives than Covid-19 … the denial of climate change is deadlier" — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) December 13, 2021 AMY GOODMAN: So, I want to […]

Study: ‘Climate change makes children vulnerable to infectious diseases’ – Can the Green New Deal save the children!?

Sounds like total BS to me: "Climate change makes children vulnerable to infectious diseases" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) December 14, 2021 Climate change makes children vulnerable to infectious diseases: Study The Centre of Excellence in Climate Change Research, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has explored the association between climate parameters and infectious diseases in a […]

Michael Mann claims climate will climate change kills more than COVID-19 – Bjorn Lomborg Corrects: ‘COVID 840x’ bigger death rate Here is full clip (@ 25:44): Here is Covid 18.1m dead: Deaths from floods, droughts, storms, wildfire, and extreme temps from, here from, update of — Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) December 14, 2021 Bonkers "If you look at the total impact of climate change around the world, wildfires, droughts, […]

Listen: Chris Plante reads Climate Depot’s Tornado/Biden report

Morano also interviewed on Larry Onnor & Company on WMAL – December 13, 2021 Background: Biden linking tornadoes to ‘climate change’ called ‘utter bullsh*t’ – ‘Directly opposite to the clear observational evidence’ – Dec tornadoes not rare – Tornadoes blamed on global cooling in 1970s No F5 Winter Tornadoes In The U.S. For Fifty Years […]

Climate Change Theorists Exploit Deadly Tornados To Sell Their Unproven Hypothesis by Jeff Dunetz Friday night, a horrible series of tornados ripped through Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. There are different reports of deaths, but all accounts have totals, 100+ people. Looking at the pictures, it is evident that even more people have lost their homes and have nowhere to go in freezing temperatures.   A […]

Leonardo DiCaprio says his new movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial & climate change By CARLOS GARCIA Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio said that his latest movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial and climate change. DiCaprio made the comments while on a publicity tour for “Don’t Look Up,” which was released in theaters on Friday. He and Jennifer Lawrence portray astronomers who try to warn […]

Watch: Morano on Sebastian Gorka discussing Biden’s tornado climate claims The global warming-tornado nexus? Marc Morano with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First Sebastian talks to Climate Depot’s Marc Morano about the Left’s laughable attempts to blame the latest tornadoes on “climate change.”  

Sorry, President Joe, Your Claim That Climate Change Is Making Tornadoes Worse Is False By  H. Sterling Burnett In the aftermath of the terrible, deadly multiple tornado strikes across Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee on December 10, President Joe Biden wasted no time in linking the recent tornado disaster in Kentucky to climate change. During his Saturday morning media briefing discussing the tragedy, Biden responded to a question asking […]