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Monmouth Poll: 2% of Americans Rank Climate Change a Top Priority, Up 2% Since August 2020


Two percent of Americans rank “climate change” a top priority for President Joe Biden to solve, up two percent since August of 2020, a Wednesday Monmouth poll revealed.

As President Joe Biden announced Wednesday his intention to make the federal government carbon neutral by 2050, respondents to the Monmouth poll indicated they had little interest in Biden’s high-minded priority of rearranging the economy to fight global warming, a weather pattern that has only been reportedly measured since the 1950s.

Poll respondents indicated instead that economic issues are more important to Americans than changing atmospheric conditions. Five of the top six concerns Americans face are economic, with coronavirus the outlier at number one.

Everyday bills, inflation, job security, the economy, and healthcare costs rank in the top six in respective order behind coronavirus.

The poll also indicated nearly half of Americans believe Biden’s actions as president have hurt the United States. Just 25 percent say his actions have improved the nation.

Meanwhile, the poll marked Biden’s job approval rating at 40 percent, while 66 percent of Americans believe America is on the wrong track. Only 30 percent say America is headed in the right direction under Biden.

The poll was conducted from December 2 to 6, 2021, with 808 adults in the United States. The margin of error is 3.5 percent.