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Greenpeace International Policy Director got himself embedded in UN IPCC process & still plays a major role

By Dennis Ambler

New piece by Tony Thomas highlights the false scientific qualification claims of “renowned IPCC Climate Scientist” Bill Hare.  A Pronounced Degree of Misrepresentation – Quadrant Online

This is a hard hitting and factual piece about a guy who has been a major influence in the UN process for many years.

Tony Thomas excerpt:

Here’s a rib-tickling clown show going on between the ABC, from Leigh Sales down, and the WA Museum Boola Bardip. Murdoch University, in pink polka-dot pants, is also prancing around the podium. They’re all competing to inflate the credentials of Perth-based climate zealot Mr Bill Hare.

It’s not a trivial contest. Hare founded and runs the lavishly-funded and Greenpeace-linked Climate Analytics lobby, endlessly quoted by the ABC and other left media to buttress their anti-capitalist CO2 narrative.[i] Climate Analytics was born from the dark-green Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) , which has led the way into Germany’s current energy crisis. Hare is a long-standing PIK “visiting scientist”[ii] PIK has its anti-gas and anti-coal tentacles all over Australia including the ANU and Melbourne University, where Analytics co-founder Malte Meinshausen is an associate professor, perhaps now an orphan since the university’s pro-chancellor Mark Hargreaves axed his home at the Marxist “Sustainable Society Institute” last Monday as unsustainable. (Hargreaves said it was “a difficult decision”. I can’t see why). Let us hope would-be Aborigine Bruce Pascoe’s professorship in “indigenous agriculture” might be next for the chop.

Bill Hare is a spruiker in the green lawfare in WA against Woodside’s plan to build the $16.5 billion Scarborough gas project – let’s kiss the North-West gas jobs and exports goodbye, it’s not as though Australia’s got any economic problems. Hare’s outfit wants an end to Australia’s thermal coal exports by 2030 and gas production ceasing soon after. Back from COP Glasgow, he gloats about COP26 forming “a new coalition, led by Denmark and Costa Rica, known as the Beyond Gas and Oil Alliance. Sooner rather than later, we can expect it to come for Australia’s fast-expanding LNG export industry.”

An EPW Minority ReportGlobal Warming Alarmism Reaches A Tipping Point – October 26, 2007, said: 

“…left unreported by most of the media was the fact that Bill Hare, an advisor to Greenpeace, was a lead co-author of a key economic report in the IPCC’s 4th Assessment. Not surprisingly, the Greenpeace co-authored report predicted a gloomy future for our planet unless we follow the UN’s policy prescriptions.” 

In 2011, he was highlighted by Donna LaFramboise in her dissection of the IPCC and its reports.

This is my own brief summary of Hare from my extensive files on him:

Australian national, Bill Hare, became the Director of International Climate Policy at Greenpeace in 1992 and was a major player at Kyoto in 1997. He was still in that role whilst seconded from Greenpeace to Potsdam from 2002 to 2008, working with John Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf.

Hare set up Climate Analytics in 2008/9 with initial funding from the German Federal Government, where his wife Ursula Fuentes-Hutfilter, was a senior environmental policy strategist and Head of the German Delegation to the IPCC. He met her at Kyoto in 1997, where she was attending on behalf of the German Federal Government Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety at the time that Angela Merkel was Federal Environment Minister.

Ursula Fuentes-Hutfilter was previously a Research Analyst for energy and climate policy to the German Advisory Council on Global Change, (WBGU), of which then Potsdam Director John Schellnhuber was Chairman or Vice-Chairman for many years. The WBGU advises the Federal Government Environment Ministry. It was fortuitous that her husband, the Greenpeace Director of Climate Policy, with no Climate Science track record, should be offered a visiting scientist position at the prestigious Potsdam Climate Institute under John Schellnhuber. His description on the Potsdam website at that time said: “Explaining environmental issues to policy makers, IPCC negotiator”

I personally believe he provided a lot of the propaganda for Schellnhuber, who wasn’t much of a climate scientist anyway. He is a theoretical physicist who had published nothing about climate until 1997, but his output was still mainly particle physics and related topics. He also had an interest in the availability of habitable planets, and how many Gaaia’s there might be in the Milky Way. It wasn’t until 2002 onwards that he started to put his name to collaborative advocacy and policy papers, co-incidentally the year that Bill Hare of Greenpeace took up his position there.

Hare is still described as a “Visiting Scientist” at Potsdam, but now has an Australian academic base at Murdoch University, WA, as an adjunct Professor, although I doubt he spends much time there, nor does any teaching, it is purely an academic “shield”. His PhD is an honorary one from that same University. His wife does have a PhD in Physics and is also an adjunct Professor at Murdoch and is these days, part of the Climate Analytics team.

He has a long history with the UN, being responsible for the GAP reports, and monitoring the Paris INDC’s via Climate Action Tracker, of which he is a co-founder. He has been an author and reviewer of many IPCC reports since the Second Assessment Report, was a core writing team member for the AR4 Synthesis Report and an author again in AR5. He is funded by the European Climate Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropy and the Climate Works Foundation, Greenpeace Foundation, Australian Conservation Fund (ACF), Christian Aid , World Bank, UNEP, Carnegie, and numerous EU and German agencies.

Tony Thomas did a comprehensive piece on Hare in 2019 for Quadrant:

It is no co-incidence that Potsdam has an Australian branch at Melbourne University, also covered by Tony Thomas:

This fraud should have been outed years ago, but Hare is a regular at the Conversation, Carbon Brief, Guardian etc, a doyen of the AGW/Climate Change establishment.

From his Conversation bio in 2011:

“Bill Hare has regularly advised Ministers and Heads of Government from the most vulnerable countries on all aspects of climate change and has presented science and policy assessments to Ministerial and head of government fora including G8 Environment Ministers, OECD Forum, AOSIS, CARICOM and Climate Vulnerable Forum meetings.”

(Because of his prompting, AOSIS have been the one’s pushing the 1.5 degrees and doing the drowning islands stunts)

From left, Pene Lefale, Pacific Islands Climate Research; Joel Gordes, Environmental Energy Solutions; Bill Hare, Greenpeace; and Dr. Jeremy Leggett, Managing Director, Solar Century. Peneh Lefale is a member of Climate Action Network Pacific and was one of the lead authors of the IPCC’s AR4 Working Group II Small Islands chapter.

Conversation again:

“In the European Union where he has worked since 1992 he was one of those that started the discussion in the mid 1990s of the EU’s proposed limit in global warming of 2°C and his scientific work subsequently has contributed to the debate and agreement at the Heads of Government level in 2006 on this issue and further on the emission reductions required to achieve this.

He was involved from the beginning in 1989 with the establishment of the Climate Action Network that is now recognized as the leading NGO umbrella network on Climate Change issues. He was on the board of Climate Network Europe for a period and more recently was on the Board of CAN International. From 1992 to 2002 Bill Hare was Climate Policy Director for Greenpeace International leading work on the negotiation and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

He advised Greenpeace International on all aspects of climate change science and policy and on the development of the post 2012 climate regime until 2009. (Whilst a “Visiting Scientist” at Potsdam).

Until 1992 he held a number of senior positions at the Australian Conservation Foundation, where he directed a major Australian Federal Government policy project on Ecologically Sustainable Development. He was environmental adviser on the Australian Government delegation to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee that negotiated the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.”