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Physicist rips ‘absurdly pathetic ‘result’ of COP26′ & the ‘idiotic parasitic class that believes that they are doing a very important work’

By Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl

Another summit of the climate psychopaths and their spineless collaborationists ended in Glasgow. The format was the same one that we remembered in dozens of previous summits: 30,000 parasites arrived by private jets and have bullšited about the evil of CO2 emissions for two weeks. The content of their talks was just nonsensical irrelevant gibberish, there was no agreement about anything, the talks had to go to overtime, like always, and some “result” was announced afterwards:

Nations including China and India agreed to say something about the “phaseout” of coal while all words that indicated some substance were deleted or softened to become completely ill-defined.

Even if some of these statements about the future were well-defined, it would still not imply that these statements will have anything to do with the truth. These statements are just would-be prophesies by idiots who think that they are about 1,000 times more important and powerful than they are.

I am sure you don’t need to know anything else about this “event”. Billions of dollars were wasted for another farce, the CO2 emissions created by these morons are obviously the least of the problems because there exists nothing such as a global problem with the climate, let alone one caused by CO2, and even if there were a problem, the subtraction of carbon dioxide’s contribution, at most 0.01-0.02 °C, from the warming per year would clearly do nothing to avoid the problems. Do you really need to move 30,000 morons across the world and store them in hotels for 2 weeks if the only outcome is just another hateful remark about the fossil fuels which is completely detached from reality?

The degeneration of the society has led to the birth of an entire extraordinarily annoying and idiotic parasitic class that believes that they are doing a very important work e.g. if they fly to a distant hotel for 2 weeks, babble nonsense that reveals their complete scientific illiteracy, and then they sign a hateful remark about King Coal, the 964,253rd such remark. Some of the “work” was probably all about the selection of the key word. “Phaseout” defeated “suppression” and even “ching-queng-kung-pao” (the “right” translation of the hostile verb to other languages surely consumed the work of hundreds of translators for many hours: Czech alarmists seem to have adopted “odklon” which could be back-translated as “deflection”). The word “phaseout” is the product of their work. They imagine that they are really controlling the world, they have eaten Solomon’s excrement which promoted them to the smartest people in the room, and their choice of the word “phaseout” has the value of trillions of dollars that they deserve to be paid.

They are neither. Already much more modest green policies that have been imposed on nations so far have led to the meteoric rise of the fuel and electricity prices that is seen to be painful for billions of people and by billions of people. To make a truly significant impact on CO2 emissions – which would still have virtually no impact on the climate – they would need to increase these devastating policies by an order of magnitude or more. If that happened, the 30,000 parasites wouldn’t be spanked, they would be eradicated. Their idea that they may command 8 billion people is breathtakingly arrogant but it is also dumb. Your own far left media have deceived you, aßholes, not only about all the science and economics but about your status, too. You are not the elites. You are braindead trash of mankind that will be eliminated by the bulk of the nations when it becomes really necessary and you are doing maximum you can to bring that moment closer. Your demise will almost directly follow from the basic laws of Nature, economics, and human psychology. It’s too bad if you didn’t bother to learn either of these laws.

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