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NPR / New Yorker feature Eco-terrorist threats to UN climate summit (COP26) – New Yorker asks: ‘Should The Climate Movement Embrace Sabotage?’

National Public Radio and New Yorker magazine provided their media outlets to Swedish Eco terrorist Andreas Malm whose book is titled “How to Blow up a Pipeline.”
The New Yorker featured the headline: “Should The Climate Movement Embrace Sabotage?”
Malm believes the Earth is on fire and society cannot delay waiting for democracy or non-violent change. Instead, Malm calls for the destruction of pipelines, machinery, and burning cars and buildings and says Black Lives Matter (BLM) would never have advanced or had an impact without violence.  Malm calls for sabotage to achieve his desired ends.
The German Edition of his book adds to the title: Battle lessons for a world in flames.
Malm says UN process a waste and calls for protests at COP 26 to go beyond nonviolence in a break with past demonstrations.
Malm says protesters should not assassinate CEOs or hurt people, just property.
Marc Morano, author of Green Fraud comments: 
“The New Yorker appears to be joining the growing movement of green activists endorsing intimidation and coercion to achieve environmental and climate goals. It should not be surprising given that NASA’s former lead global warming scientist James Hansen endorsed a book over a decade ago that suggested “razing cities to the ground” and “blowing up damns” to lower CO2 emissions. Many environmental activists seem to be asking themselves why not use violence and threats of violence to achieve their ends. We live in an age where COVID lockdowns and mandates are being coercively imposed upon societies and many face unemployment and disenfranchisement if they don’t comply. This era of COVID mandate coercion may be further radicalizing environmental and climate activists to get the same attention as the COVID. Watching politicians threaten to cut off your home’s utilities if you don’t comply with COVID mandates may be emboldening green campaigners to use force and (in the word of Andreas Malm) “intelligent sabotage” to gain the same type of attention and power from the public.”
New York Magazine climate reporter David Wallace-Wells, also provided a featured review of Malm’s book“If a livable world requires an all-over transformation, where and when and how do we start? Perhaps with this book, a provocative manifesto from the pioneering theorist of the climate age.” – David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth