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New Study Finds Growing Number Of Young People Suffering From ‘Climate Anxiety’ – ‘Researchers say only cure for climate anxiety is govts around the world taking real action’ MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A new study finds a growing number of young people are suffering from anxiety about climate change. “It is quite worrying, and it makes me think about our future, and it’s definitely not a place that I want my kids to live in,” one student said. READ MORE:Cuban Leader Miguel Diaz […]

New Reconstructions Show It Is Colder Now in Some Parts of the Globe Than At Any Time In The Last 10,000 Years By Kenneth Richard Scientists continue to find regions of the world where modern “global” warming has not occurred. Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the South Atlantic (south of South Africa) and Southern Ocean (New Zealand) are colder today than they have been at any time in the last 12,500 years (Shuttleworth et al., 2021). […]

Arctic sea ice extent sees ’14-year plateau with a slight gain’ in ice   Arctic Ice In Perspective 2021 by Ron Clutz Excerpt: I will use the ever popular NOAA dataset derived from satellite passive microwave sensors.  It sometimes understates the ice extents, but everyone refers to it and it is complete from 1979 to present.  Here’s what NOAA reports (in M km2): We are […]

Global warming saves 166,000 lives a year: UN says Stop That Now In a surprise, mammals with a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius do better in warmer weather Who knew that global warming has saved 166,000 lives a year every year since 2000? Burn coal, save the world! Some countries are just not doing enough to help. Does your nation have a Net-100 Plan […]

Great Financial Reset: EU central bank & U.S. Federal Reserve are all in on fighting ‘climate change’ through monetary policy 02 Sep 2021 Klaus SchwabFounder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum Christine LagardePresident, European Central Bank Christine Lagarde on how to address COVID-19, climate change and inequality Lagarde: At the ECB, we have now wrapped up and concluded our strategy review, which was the first one in 17 years. And I was blessed […]

Bill Gates Gets $100M to Fight ‘Climate Crisis’ from Fossil Fuel Investment Giant BlackRock By Joseph Vazquez One of the world’s richest practitioners of eco-hypocrisy is getting tens of millions in funding from a fossil fuel investment giant for his climate change fight. Liberal billionaire Bill Gates has reportedly secured over $1 billion in funding for his Breakthrough Energy Catalyst (BEC) project. The project is dedicated to accelerating “the […]