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Michael Mann CNN climate interview opens the floodgates! Mann exaggerated ‘attribution’ of our weather to climate By Joe Bastardi  I say this in all seriousness. Dr. Mann is brilliant. I like a lot of his work, But when he gets on CNN and says what he says, my wheels start spinning. In this case, understanding and putting together pieces of the puzzle help with explaining the situation and may give us […]

Out: COVID lockdowns. In: Climate lockdowns – ‘There could be a ban on ‘nonessential travel’ with hefty fines’ By JAZZ SHAW An article this week at the Daily Caller poses an alarming possibility that you should probably consider carefully before writing it off as some sort of crazy conspiracy theory. The subject at hand is the large number of lockdowns imposed around the country (and the world, really) last year in response to the […]

Number & strength of hurricanes stubbornly fail to increase – In past 120 years cat 3+ landfalling hurricanes show decline By JAZZ SHAW Close on the heels of Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Larry is coming and is likely to target the east coast. (Is it just me, or is it hard to get too worried about a hurricane named “Larry?”) Prior to that, we saw Hurricane Henri delivering a bit less of a punch, but it […]