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Antarctica Sees Growing Sea Ice – ‘Global warming has yet to reach the South Pole’


The Most Inconvenient Region On The Planet For Global Warming Alarmists: Antarctica Sees Growing Sea Ice

By Kirye and Pierre

Just a short post today about sea ice trends at Antarctica, a place that global warming alarmists don’t like talking about

For some reason, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) doesn’t add a trend line to the annual minimum and mean sea ice extent plot for Antarctica.

So we’ve added these trend lines:

Data source: JMA

Minimum sea ice extent has remained steady over the past 4 decades. But both the mean and maximum sea ice extents have risen, meaning more ice at the South Pole.

More ice of course only forms when the temperature drops. Global warming has yet to reach the South Pole. This is one of the most inconvenient regions on the planet for the global warming alarmists.