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NPR: ‘Computer Models Of Civilization Offer Routes To Ending Global Warming As the world’s top climate scientists released a report full of warnings this week, they kept insisting that the world still has a chance to avoid the worst effects of climate change. “It is still possible to forestall most of the dire impacts, but it really requires unprecedented, transformational change,” said Ko Barrett, vice chair of […]

Climate activist Priest sews his mouth shut over ‘muting of climate science by Murdoch media’ by Eric Worrall Climate protests in Britain have taken a sickening turn, with a member of Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion mutilating himself in public to draw attention to his views on Rupert Murdoch and the alleged climate crisis. Priest sews his mouth shut over ‘muting of climate science by Murdoch media’ By Maeve Campbell Updated: 03/08/2021 A priest […]

Challenging UN, Study Finds Sun—not CO2—May Be Behind Global Warming – New peer-reviewed paper finds systemic bias by UN to support climate narrative By Alex Newman The sun and not human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) may be the main cause of warmer temperatures in recent decades, according to a new study with findings that sharply contradict the conclusions of the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The peer-reviewed paper, produced by a team of almost […]