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Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘Scientific American is an Oxymoron’ – Rips mag for touting naming climate ‘disasters’ after fossil fuel companies Apparently with this headline They are blissfully unaware that a) wildfire acreage burnt is BELOW THE 10 YEAR AVERAGE. That 10-year average is less than 20% of what the 10 years average 1926-1935 was B) No one is talking to them about the weather, With the developing trough in the west later […]

Reuters explains how the climate sausage is made at UN IPCC: ‘Scientists & govt delegates’ must ‘approve’ the ‘science’ report – ‘Each word of each sentence needed to be scrutinized & debated’ by politicians ‘Hours on a footnote’: Scientists felt joy, frustration in making U.N. climate report 234 scientists spent years working on report for free Co-chair compares efforts to a “marathon” Virtual decision-making posed new challenges GENEVA, Aug 10 (Reuters) – After spending hundreds of hours in virtual meetings to complete this week’s major U.N. climate report, […]