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Listen: ‘A Climate Lockdown Is Next,’ says Marc Morano


Behind the climate scare is a well-planned scheme to restrict our liberties and put the government more and more in charge of our lives. Marc Morano writes, “The challenge for climate realists going forward will be, not just showing the hard data, but addressing the warped culture that promotes climate alarmism through a woke lens.”

Tom Harris and guest Marc Morano, executive editor of Climate Depot and author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think,” discuss how climate activists have bamboozled the world. There is no climate emergency, Morano explains, but there is a freedom emergency. 

Join Tom and Marc in this week’s episode of The Other Side of the Story to learn what awaits us, as activists work to break down the fundamental institutions of our modern society so they can ‘build back better,’ changing everything to a ‘woke world’ more of their liking.

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