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Energy Infrastructure Terrorism Taking Root in Germany, Europe

Energy Infrastructure Terrorism Taking Root in Germany, Europe
Climate Change Dispatch / 3h
blackout germanyBlackout News reports on how radical activists are attempting to paralyze the power supply in Germany.

It’s already bad enough that the European power grid is already highly unstable and could collapse due to just minor disturbances, this in large part due to the shutdowns of unwanted nuclear and coal-fired power plants and the feeding in of unsteady wind and solar energies.

But now the unstable supply situation is being exacerbated by radical activists sabotaging power supply infrastructure.

Blackout News reports: “For example, radical activists tried to paralyze the power supply for the Tesla plant in Grünheide. There, the Vulkan group claims to have set a cable fire in order to paralyze the power supply.”

Luckily the Tesla plant power supply attack was unsuccessful.

The Grünheide attack was not an isolated incident. Blackout News also reports: “Left-wing radical activists have also claimed responsibility for an arson attack on power cables in connection with a power outage in parts of Munich. The attack was intended to target a supplier of the German Armed Forces.”

The authorities are investigating. That attack was successful: “The cable fire left around 20,000 households in eastern Munich without electricity for more than 24 hours on May 21.”

A letter claiming responsibility for the Tesla plant and German Army attacks was allegedly written: “The primary target of this action was arm’s manufacturer Rhode & Schwarz at Munich’s Ostbahnhof, which we were, fortunately, able to cut off the juice for at least 24 hours.”

It took several days to fully repair the damage. The power outage was localized, but “vaccine and insulin spoiled in the refrigerators of pharmacies and doctors’ offices,” writes Blackout News.

The deputy chairman of the Bundesverband für den Schutz Kritische Infrastrukturen (German Association for Critical Infrastructure Protection), Dr. Hans-Walter Borries, sees “a new danger for critical infrastructure facilities” in Germany, which are “hardly protected”.

These include infrastructure for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water supply, and telecommunications. “There have already been several attacks on electricity pylons, telephone converters, and telephone junction boxes.”

Experts now worry that copycats will repeat attacks and do a better job of learning where to hit infrastructure more effectively.

“There are many virtually unprotected facilities on the European power grid at which an attack would have far more serious consequences, reports BlackOut News. “It is only a matter of time before militant groups acquire the relevant information and plan attacks on a much larger scale.”

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