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Alan Jones: Greta Thunberg’s ‘dishonest, alarmist rubbish’ is tragically destroying young people

Greta Thunberg and those who “condone her alarmist nonsense” are tragically destroying young people, according to Sky News host Alan Jones. “We have learned that vulnerable students have fallen through the cracks over coronavirus,” he said. “We have been told that schools don’t have a proper review process to prevent – a frightening term – suicide clusters. “Young people are constantly comparing themselves to others on social media and suffering mental health problems as a result.” Mr Jones said there is “two blunt answers” as to how this crisis has “accelerated to this point”.
“The first is an appalling absence of political leadership,” he said. “But young people are being confronted by uninformed, disinformed, illiterate and often innumerate protest leaders urging young people to march for causes they don’t understand based on arguments that can’t be proven and trading on fear which is destructive. “Why have leaders in the western world given international exposure to the uninformed and disinformed utterances of Greta Thunberg?”
Greta Thunberg’s “dishonest, alarmist rubbish” is now seeing its manifestation in massive emotional and psychological instability in young people, according to Mr Jones. “It is a farce; a sickening farce.”