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‘An Inconvenient Truth’: Climate Depot Founder RIPS Media Still Pushing Gore’s Climate Alarmism – Praises Gore for ‘kneecapping’ the climate movement By Joseph Vazquez Climate Depot Founder Marc Morano spoke with the Media Research Center about former Vice President Al Gore’s useless 2006 eco-extremist film An Inconvenient Truth after its 15th anniversary on Monday.   The key point? Several major, disastrous predictions Gore made in his 2006 film never materialized. But the media never stopped relying on Gore as a climate change […]

Claim: From suicide to ‘eco-anxiety’: ‘Climate change’ spurs mental health woes – Solution? ‘Rising spending to curb climate-changing emissions could also protect mental health’ Mental stresses are growing for families hit by more extreme heat, flooded homes and worries about a hotter planet – but the impacts are little measured so far “Taking action is good for the climate – and also for people.” By Laurie Goering LONDON, May 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Intensifying climate change impacts, […]