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Progressives lament: Where’s the beef in Biden’s climate plan? Seek stricter regs on meat production & consumption By ED MORRISSEY Last month, conservatives were left with egg on their faces after spinning tales of meat restrictions in Joe Biden’s climate-change plan. Four weeks later, Politico reports on complaints from progressives over Biden’s refusal to implement them. Like Clara Peller, they’re demanding to know — where’s the beef? The Agriculture Department’s newly published “climate-smart […]

Get Ready for the ‘Plate Reset’ – Effort to ‘collectivise & centralise control of the supply of food’ By Blake Lovewell 21st Century Wire The oft-overlooked ‘Food Security’ pillar of the Davos mafia’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda. Imagine with me: a plate of food that fulfills all your nutritional needs, that is provided to you for free, that has a whole host of fancy labels declaring it, for example, carbon neutral and ‘fair trade.’ […]

Author stands by claim Pelosi tried to sabotage AOC’s Green New Deal By Evie Fordham | Fox News Despite pushback from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, author Edward-Isaac Dovere is standing by his new book in which he reports that Pelosi tried to sabotage the rollout of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal in 2019. “The book was drawn from extensive reporting, and as the note on sourcing […]

Former UN scientist Ben Santer outraged, cuts ties to Lawrence Livermore lab because Steve Koonin allowed to speak at seminar By Molly Taft Excerpt: Ben Santer, one of the nation’s leading climate scientists, said he is cutting ties with a prestigious government-funded laboratory over its plans to invite a scientist who has spread climate denial to speak in a seminar. Santer’s work has shaped much of climate science for the past 25 years. His […]

Biden signs order directing studies of climate-related financial risks BY SYLVAN LANE – 05/20/21 President Biden on Thursday signed an executive order directing several federal departments and agencies to analyze the risks climate change poses to the U.S. financial system and federal government, the White House announced. The order from Biden mandates a range of studies meant to expose the ways climate change, the severe weather […]