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Global Surface Temperatures Plummet 0.75°C Since 2016

Greta Hasn’t Seen April Warming In Her Life. Global Surface Temperatures Plummet 0.75°C Since 2016

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

The April, 2021, mean temperature data collected by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has been tabulated and are ready to be added to our monthly plots.

Today we look at the April mean temperature trends for stations which the JMA has sufficient data and which are located in northern countries. Global warming is thought to be first visible at the far northern and Arctic regions.

Alaska’s not warming

The JMA has enough data for plotting April mean temperature at 12 stations in Alaska since 1988. Here’s the latest plot.

Data source: JMA.

In total, 6 of 12 stations in Alaska (April) have no warming over the past 33 years. As a whole it cannot be argued that there’s been significant warming across Alaska in April.

Canada sees little April warming since 1987

In Canada, 6 of 9 stations for which the JMA has sufficient data have seen no warming since 1987: 

Data source: JMA.


Finally we look at Sweden, home of global warming alarmist teenager, Greta Thunberg, who claims warming is an existential threat to mankind and that the planet is rapidly heating up. But here’s the latest April plot:

Data: JMA

Someone might want to tell Greta that 4 of 6 stations in Sweden have seen NO WARMING in April since 1999.

Globe colder than when Greta was born (2003)

Even more significant, the globe has cooled considerably, by 0.75°C since the El Nino peak in 2016.

Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for April, 2021 was -0.05°C, down from the March, 2021 value of -0.01°C.

Source: Dr. Roy Spencer

It’s indeed a bit ironic that the globe today is COLDER than when Greta was born, in January, 2003. As Dr. Spencer’s chart shows, global temperature anomaly was near +0.10°C. Last month it was 0.15°C colder (-0.05°C). 

was born, Jan 3, 2003!

Some countries have been rushing implement measures that they think will curb warming. Maybe the rush is all about the lack of warming and that this is becoming further evident.