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President Biden Must End His Radical Green Agenda

President Biden Must End His Radical Green Agenda
Climate Change Dispatch / 4h
gasoline trucker stationIf we allow President Joe Biden to continue promoting the radical green agenda unchecked, long gasoline lines won’t be the only problem families will face.

Americans in the eastern part of the country are just now learning the hard way how critical our energy infrastructure is to their lives.

By asking the simple question “where does my gasoline come from?” we get a glimpse behind the complex network of oil production, refining, and delivery that literally drives our global economy.

Thanks to the infrastructure that includes pipelines, generations of Americans are accustomed to readily available gasoline.

The Biden/Harris Administration is rightfully taking criticism for their anti-pipeline stance as gas lines form and prices skyrocket.

As unfortunate as it is to have a massive disruption at the gas pump, President Biden’s green ambitions have a bigger target: our electricity grid.

President Biden has vowed to place our country on a whole new electrical power source in just the next 14 years.

By forcing our country to rely on wind and solar for something as critical as our electricity, President Biden is making one of two things clear: he knows he’s making false promises just to keep the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party appeased, or he doesn’t understand how electricity works.

Unfortunately, I fear it’s the latter.

In a recent white paper I authored titled, Lights Out: How Green Mandates Are Undermining the Affordability and Reliability of Electricity, I closely examine three states that have, to varying degrees, embraced energy plans similar to the Biden/Harris Administration’s proposal and the disastrous consequences.

The inspiration for the energy future President Biden wants is California. Leaders in the Golden State have been bowing to radical environmentalists for years and the rest of America needs to examine the results.

California is shutting down its natural gas and nuclear power generation in the name of being carbon-free.

However, California’s dirty little secret is the fact that it’s forced to import 30 percent or even more of its electricity from other states who generate power from the reliable energy sources environmentalists are shutting down.

As seen last summer, this green shell game dearly costs Californians in both affordability and reliability.

The working families and small business owners of California have seen their electric bills rise by 30 percent in less than a decade, a growth rate that is seven times higher than the rest of the United States.

In return for paying a premium price for power, the people of California are rewarded with blackouts.

Just as former California Sen. Kamala Harris was selected to join Biden on his presidential ticket, and a sweltering heatwave hit the state, the green agenda’s plan for electricity was delivered a dose of reality when over 400,000 homes lost power.

No word on if Vice President Harris’ home was impacted.

Paying higher prices for electricity that can be derailed by the setting sun or clouds is the future President Biden is really presenting to America. What President Biden and his eco-leftist allies count on is their belief Americans are too naive to figure it out.

Of course, the Biden/Harris Administration will scream it’s all about the environment, but “private jet” John Kerry himself said if the United States could somehow get to zero emissions by tomorrow, it wouldn’t make much of a difference because about 90 percent of the global emissions come from outside our country.

Biden/Harris Administration officials like Kerry will keep driving massive taxpayer-funded black SUVs while jet-setting across the globe. And when the next rolling blackout hits our country, their lives will continue to be just fine.

I offer a simple challenge: President Biden should put the White House on 100 percent carbon-free energy tomorrow.

That would mean no carbon backup to his solar panels and his presidential motorcade would need to be all-electric cars with 100 percent of their charging power coming from wind and solar.

President Biden needs to live in the same conditions he expects for the rest of America. Perhaps when he finds he can’t make a video call on a cloudy day or the White House press briefings are being done by candlelight, more Americans will begin to understand the pitfalls of President Biden’s unreliable energy future.

Maybe then will President Biden heed the warning about the inevitable future failures of the radical green agenda.

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