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The Carbon Race To The Bottom For Subsidies The Carbon Race To The Bottom For SubsidiesClimate Change Dispatch / 3hgas fired power plantAnd they’re off … across Canada and around the world, from Norway to China, oil corporations from Suncor to Exxon, carmakers from Ford to GM, battery developers, solar power firms and mining companies, bankers and investment houses are scrambling to […]

Losing coal-fired power means ‘an end to cheap, reliable electricity’ Losing coal-fired power means ‘an end to cheap, reliable electricity’: BoltAndrew Bolt / 3hSky News host Andrew Bolt says Australia losing its big coal-fired power stations is a consequence of the Liberals “not having the courage to fight the global warming panic”. “Well, one price we must pay for the Liberals not having the […]

Carbon pricing is an economic bomb and a tax on everything Carbon pricing is an economic bomb and a tax on everythingCO2 Coalition / by CO2Coalition / 7minBy Gregory Zerzan Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, the American Petroleum Institute and Democrats in Congress have all recently spoken in support of “putting a price on carbon.” This policy, if enacted, could raise the cost […]

‘Climate Crisis’ Claims Aren’t Moving Public Opinion Much By H. Sterling Burnett Climate alarmists—those peddling the delusion that human-caused climate change is destroying the Earth—are becoming increasingly desperate. So are members of the mainstream media, who have jettisoned all pretense of objectivity and the search for the truth about the causes and consequences of climate change. News outlets, bowing to […]

British Geological Survey Warns Of Climate-Related Subsidence Based on ‘modeled projections for what might happen’ by Paul Homewood / 31min By Paul Homewood h/t Ian Magness It is sad to see what used to be a serious, scientific body prostitute itself to global warming scaremongering: New maps launched by the British Geological Survey (BGS) reveal how climate change is likely to drive an increase in subsidence-related issues for British homes and […]

‘GIANT’ LATE-MAY SNOWSTORM TO UNLOAD FEET OF POWDER ACROSS THE WESTERN U.S.  By CAP ALLON A historic and long-duration snowstorm is set to unleash feet of powder on the higher elevations of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington state this week, with unprecedented inches settling at lower-elevations, too. AccuWeather meteorologists say that snowfall of this volume over such an extensive area is highly unusual. Daily high […]