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Author: AOC’s $10 Billion Taxpayer-Funded ‘Climate Corps’ Would Duplicate Work of Other Gov’t Agencies

By Craig Bannister

The $10 billion, taxpayer-funded program to create a “Climate Corps” being pushed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-N.Y.) is nothing more than a Democrat power-grab, climate film producer and Author Marc Morano said Thursday.

“This is a jobs-power program for the Democratic Party. It’s a way for them to expand their voter base, have very loyal voters as they hand out jobs to them – all under the guise of ‘climate change,’” Morano, published of the website, told Fox & Friends First.

The plan which would employ and train a 1.5 million “Climate Corps” employees to work on initiatives of Democrat’s Green New Deal program, such as implementing conservation projects and helping communities recover from severe weather events.

“This is not something that is needed, because it’s already duplicating what we have,” Morano explained, noting that “We already have Park Service, all sorts of government agencies, doing exactly what this program is.”

“This is just a big, political patronage thing,” that “has nothing to do with climate,” Morano concluded:

“Bottom line: this has nothing to do with the climate. It’s not going to stop the Biden Administration from trying to push the U.N. Paris agreement on us. It’s just another nonsense government job, instead of actually creating wealth and giving people real opportunities.”