‘Environmental justice’ debunked: Analysis: Nope… PM2.5 does NOT disproportionately affect people of color



By Steve Milloy

A new EPA-funded study reports that people of color are disproportionately affected by PM2.5. It’s too stupid for words.


Here is the summary of the results:

Here’s the problem…. and forget that I have exhaustively shown that no amount of PM2.5 from smokestacks and tailpipes in outdoor air harms has ever harmed anyone… a PM2.5 level in outdoor air of 7-point-whatever micrograms per cubic meter is essentially pristine, blue sky quality air. It’s even 33% below the Obama EPA-issued outdoor air standard for PM2.5.

The reported difference in PM2.5 content of the average air inhaled by white people vs. black people (i.e., 5.9 vs. 7.9 micrograms/m3) is not reliably discernible by air monitors, much less people.

And, of course, the study reports no health effects actually experienced by anyone.

That someone would make the claim that “people of color are disproportionately affected by PM2.5 emissions” is just shockingly fraudulent.

“Environmental racism”… “environmental justice”… just synonyms for hoax.

Here is the “study“.