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Mark Steyn on Amazon being pressured to cancel Morano’s ‘Green Fraud’ book: ‘The warm-mongers are opting for their preferred method of disposal – get ’em canceled’

Green Fraud Meets The Big Shut-Up

by Mark Steyn
The War on Free Speech
March 24, 2021


If you’ve seen Marc Morano interviewed by yours truly when I’m hosting on Fox, you’ll know that the former is absolutely the sharpest critic of Big Climate and their plans for the rest of us. (You can see our most recent conversation here.) So I was honored to be asked to write the introduction to Marc’s new book, Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.

Which it is. Yet, in this cowed and craven never-quite-fully-unlocked-down Covid-without-end world, Big Climate figures it’s easier to impose than ever.

But they don’t want you getting a head’s up on that. So, having long lost the ability to debate their opponents, the warm-mongers are opting for their preferred method of disposal – get ’em canceled:

Climate activists pressure Amazon to drop ‘liar’ Morano’s book ‘Green Fraud’ – Amazon ‘profits off of climate denial books’ while it ‘claims to want to be a climate savior’

Indeed. Here’s how the designated pajama boy at Daily Kos puts it:

Longtime fossil fool Marc Morano has a ‘new’ book out about how ‘the Green New Deal is even worse than you think.’ ($24.99 on Amazon)…

Given that Amazon claims to want to be a climate savior, how does it justify selling books like this, and so, so many others, that very intentionally work against a goal of climate action? You can either be a climate champion, or you can sell and profit off of climate denial books like Morano’s, that ‘recycle scientifically unfounded claims that are then amplified by the conservative movement, media, and political elites.’

Amazon, the world’s biggest bookstore (and, since Covid, increasingly the only bookstore) has applied that logic in recent weeks to authors who question trans orthodoxy. Will they extend it to those who dissent from climate orthodoxy?

Well, we’ll see. But, with that threat in mind, we’re pleased to do our bit to ensure that Green Fraud will remain available at least in one online emporium – the SteynOnline bookstore. And, while we can’t match some of those Amazon discounts, when you purchase from us, I’ll be happy to autograph my introduction to Green Fraud to you or your loved one. You can order the book here.

~On the subject of the climate mullahs, we linked on Monday to my deposition by the lawyer for vanity litigant par excellence, hockey-stick huckster Michael E Mann. It proved quite a hit with readers – and it’s all under oath! If you’ve yet to read it, you can find it here.