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Watch: Mark Steyn & Marc Morano discuss climate ‘insanity’ & the COVID/Climate connection on Fox News

Fox News Channel – Fox News Primetime – Broadcast February 12, 2021



Vaughn Monroe Song (This version was misattributed onscreen to Dean Martin Song): ♪ ♪ ♪♪
♪ ♪ I want some red ♪♪
♪ ♪ roses for a blue lady ♪♪

Mark Steyn: Red roses for a blue lady. Sure. Go for it. But red roses for a green lady, don’t even think about it. The environmental gals don’t dig that kind of thing.
The good people of Paris who can’t even follow the rules of their own climate agreement, now want to want to cancel red roses on Valentine’s Day because of climate change. Red roses are the plant’s silent killer and devastating to the environment.

Video Clip: A rose is something that is completely a no go in this season. There are many more flowers that are seasonal in February for Valentine’s day. We should reconsider the way we consume flowers.

Steyn: Finally a good excuse for why you forgot to get Valentine’s day roses. ‘Listen baby, I love you but I love mother nature. so Here’s a clump of scrub I found around the back of the gas station.’ Joining me, Marc Morano, author of the book “Green fraud: Why the Green New Deal is even worse than you think.” 

Marc, you said for years that basically everything causes climate change. Now red roses join those ranks.

Marc Morano: Yes, what they are worried about is the carbon footprint of imported roses flown into countries because they are out of season. They are denying all of our technological advances. You can’t eat strawberries unless they are in season. They are worried about this. It goes with every other holiday they want to cancel. 4th of July because of fireworks. They don’t like chocolate Easter eggs and don’t want you to eat turkey at Thanksgiving. I did a story where greens were stumping for a treeless Christmas and they wanted you to use storm felled branches instead. Literally, a storm felled branch. They don’t want you to cut a Christmas tree or a branch. It has to have fallen on its own.

Steyn: Wait until it falls on your car and then you can stick it on a pot for Christmas. The red roses are flown in from Kenya — I don’t know what the poor Kenyans did to deserve this. Because the roses come from Kenya and every single other thing comes from the Chinese factory round the back of the Wuhan Institute of virology. And nobody seems bothered by the t-shirts, the socks the smartphones, the laptops…that carbon footprint doesn’t matter apparently.

Morano: As a Green New Deal will shut down our domestic energy and more of Europe’s energy. So we are going to import more from China. More rare earth mining. More of our energy will be reliant on foreign sources. They don’t mind John Kerry or Bill Gates or anyone else flying on a private jet but you can’t have roses. It’s part of this whole idea that the bureaucrats want to tell you what you and can’t do. Like Covid lockdowns. They want to take the joy and suck it out of your life for the higher cause which they declare is climate change.

Steyn: I bet John Kerry has some red roses for Teressa on the private jet when he flies her to Tahiti for Valentine’s day. I felt that the new regime we live under is a preview of when the Green New Deal is fully implemented. We have seen a grand convergence of Covid and climate change because I think they said the bats didn’t live near Wuhan until the climate heated up and then they all flew over there Wuhan and started hanging out at the bat market. That’s what we are expected to believe?

Morano: Yes, this is a study out claiming vegetation changed so the bats migrated and caused the virus and climate change will cause more viruses. John Kerry said this and Jane Fonda said it. But Fonda was honest, she said Covid is God’s gift to the left and it has been — the idea of these lockdowns. The real agenda here is to list climate change as the cause of death on death certificates. Researchers in Australia National University Medical School proposed adding ‘climate change’ on death certificates. Bill Gates said the death toll from climate change will be much higher than from COVID. The American Cancer Society said cancer will go up because of global warming. Our Dept of Transportation has said that fatal car accidents are going up due to climate change and Al Gore said every organ of the body is impacted by climate change. Just imagine the death toll from climate change. They are going for it.

Steyn: Thank you for that, Marc. It’s a terrific book, Marc Morano’s book on the new green deal.


Mark Steyn: We rounded the week with Marc Morano on the grand convergence of permanent-emergency pretexts: climate change (not Chairman Xi) is supposed responsible for Covid. You can see that here – complete with an embarrassing graphics misattribution of “Red Roses for a Blue Lady”. It’s Vaughn Monroe, of course – and, as a huge Vaughn Monroe fan, I wish I’d caught that live on air. Oh, my.

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Al Gore also has promoted a link between climate change and health in recent years. See: 2017: Gore’s new health warning: ‘Every organ system can be affected by climate change’

So if Gore is correct that “climate change” impacts “every organ” in the human body, that could mean that anyone who dies of organ failure could now be listed as a “climate change” cause of death. If someone dies from a car crash, cancer or organ failure, “climate change” could be listed as a cause of death on a death certificate.

Get ready CNN and MSNBC to pound stories like this frequently, and couple it with daily tallies of an alleged climate change “death toll”, all designed to spur calls for the need to take drastic “climate action” to stop the deaths from our alleged “climate emergency.”