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Listen: Morano interviewed about new book ‘Green Fraud’

A Plain Answer: Climate Change – Marc Morano
Air Date: 3/20/2021 – 
Redeemer Broadcasting

Climate Change – Marc Morano
Today we interview a man who has spent years researching climate change, environmental, and energy issues. He’s also traveled to Greenland in 2007 to investigate global warming claims. He comes at this from the position of an investigative journalist and follows the data no matter where it leads. We discuss the fact that climate always changes. We look at recent as well as older history to get a rounded-out picture of the facts. Our guest includes the medieval warm period. We go back further to the Roman warming. We discuss the role that CO2 has. We discuss the stories that many of us had to endure in the late 60s and early 70’s when the “experts” assured us of a future, soon-to-come global cooling, leading potentially to an ice age. The “solutions” then, to this global cooling, were the same as they are for global warming! We cover the roughly 1000 scientists who have now come out and declare they are skeptical of the catastrophic claims of the climate change alarmists. We talk about the danger that faces climate scientists if they come out and express a different opinion than the typical “approved” narrative. The danger is real and includes being “canceled” and would directly affect their careers. Occasionally one of them retires and becomes curiously honest about climate change. Our guest runs a website at He also has written a book available on Amazon titled The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. Also, his new book is coming out in the next several days that deals with the Green New Deal. Participants: Marc Morano, Dan Elmendorf


It’s Here: Morano’s New book: ‘Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think’ – Foreword By Mark Steyn – Arrives March 23